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Miracle Drug? Dare we hope?

One of my favourite tech sites, Gizmodo  posted about a "miracle drug" that targets any cancerous tumour cells for all types of cancer. It works...

It's been a while

Hi... I'm still kicking. Still stage I, dormant, and I continue with bimonthly blood tests and yearly skeletal surveys and biopsies. April will...

Excellent Blog Resource - Myeloma Beacon

A good friend of mine shared this link. The  Myeloma Beacon blog is a source for breaking, independent news about multiple myeloma, including...

Biopsy Day

I just came home from another bone marrow biopsy, my second so far. Luckily (if that can be said in such a situation), mine was taken through...

Uh oh

Seems I may have been premature in taking a break from the blog. My beta-2 microglobulin levels are up slightly, in the "you might need to start...

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