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Not really a victory

Quincy city officials and the Attorney General are likely to claim victory in getting Steward Healthcare System to agree to open a "satellite"...

CLER as mud

Back in April , I raised the question of why the ACGME was not publishing the results of its surveys with regard to CLER, Clinical Learning...

How bad is it? It's so bad that . . .

It struck me that this old Dilbert cartoon characterizes many hospitals.  The situation described may present a problem as they try to run...

All That's White Isn’t Necessarily Propofol

With thanks to Saskatchewan's Health Quality Council Chairperson Susan Shaw for the reference, please check out this short article on a near...

Getting the skinny on skin conditions

I usually get nervous when something seems too good to be true, but every now and then the spark of human goodness comes through. Unless I am...

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