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The Elephant in the Room (Costco) Is FINALLY Donating--Now, Will You Toss In $20 to Help Make This Pilot Project a Success? UPDA

Today at Costco. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next . . . No time to read? Here's the bottom line: David Skoke...

Bikes Grounded by FedEx

Delivery trucks in bike lanes in downtown Atlanta are fewer and farther between as bike advocates have taken to calling ParkAtlanta to have...

Broken Art--Saved!

So I see this mural along Streety's * route being taken down for some reason. Huge chunks of it lay on the ground as trash. Perfect!...

Stranger Things Keep Happening!

Saw these steps yesterday and realized I'm getting there with my new book, Stranger Things Happen ! I'm taking it several overlapping...

The Exciting Return of the Banana Peel Challenge (Yet Again)

Atlanta*. New York City. Pittsburgh. Cincinnati. All colossal fails in the Banana Peel Challenge . As I said at the end of the first banana...
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Jan 01 2011 by Drew1912

I am looking for people in the Lawrenceville Ga. area who are interested in having an organic

garden. I have enough land right in L'ville to heve many individual plots for planting.

Please contact Drew at if interested.



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