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Ripple Effect

And so I leave you here. I've been blogging over on my new  website now instead, and it already feels like home. My beats are fact, fiction,...

I'm Back at CNN! (Well, Sort Of)

I rode my bike downtown, locked it by Centennial Park, and entered the building I had entered every single weekday for four solid...

Get Bucket List for Free, Just for This Weekend

It's my birthday week. As my gift to you, I am offering my book, Bucket List, free for the weekend. You can download it to your Kindle or...


It’s been crazy. It’s like I’ve been going down all these difference roads for so many years now and they are finally coming together. It’s...

The Nitty Gritty about Getting More Women Riding Bikeshare in New York City (and Yours)

Okay, so here's the nitty-gritty re: my suggestions for how to attract more women (who are the indicator species for whether or not your...
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Jan 01 2011 by Drew1912

I am looking for people in the Lawrenceville Ga. area who are interested in having an organic

garden. I have enough land right in L'ville to heve many individual plots for planting.

Please contact Drew at if interested.



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