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Time to Soar

Look, I believe the universe will conspire in your favor, but I've come to realize it knows if you're not all in. And I have spent the...

Now, That's a Bike Ramp!

eclectic food-for-thought for a changing world

More Crowds Than the Eiffel Tower (Okay, Not Really, But Still . . . )

People are coming from all over the world to tour the Atlanta BeltLine every single day. eclectic food-for-thought for a...

Maybe Cities Need Shopping Cart Shares as Well as Bike Shares for Their Trails . . .

If people with shopping bags= success for your city's multi-use trail, this puts that concept on steroids. eclectic...

There's a Lot "on the Wing" in the Atlanta BeltLine Meadow

Birds, bees, and butterflies are everywhere in the Atlanta BeltLine's meadow.  This was an industrial wasteland two years...
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Jan 01 2011 by Drew1912

I am looking for people in the Lawrenceville Ga. area who are interested in having an organic

garden. I have enough land right in L'ville to heve many individual plots for planting.

Please contact Drew at if interested.



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