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Four Bucks a Dip (2 Bucks if You're 55 or Older)

Gorgeous public pool, $4 a visit. No $500 annual membership required, as is the only option in my metro-Atlanta...

Meet Artist Dan Hagerty (aka King Pig)

I met Dan last year and found him just as chatty and inspiring this year. You can see him (sans beard) in this collage...

Meet Artist Kyle Brooks

Kyle returns for yet another year as an Art on the BeltLine artist. Here is his very fun  website . eclectic...

Don't Take Your Fave Art for Granted

You think your favorite public art will be there forever. It won't. Honor it. Enjoy it. Realize it is fleeting. eclectic...

Green Apartments, Finally

This is good to see, finally ( as opposed to this ). Will tour soon to see if it's for real or just greenwashing.  eclectic...
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Jan 01 2011 by Drew1912

I am looking for people in the Lawrenceville Ga. area who are interested in having an organic

garden. I have enough land right in L'ville to heve many individual plots for planting.

Please contact Drew at if interested.



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