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Update on The Baby Fruit Tree Project

So I'm watering the 80' row I've been stewarding for several years now ( ever since this ) in the back field beyond the community garden,...

The Questions I Can't Stop Asking Myself

So I'm all over the place on my bike every day, and I come across lots of, well, let's just call it detritus. But it's so beautiful. And...

Keeping an Eye on the Winter Rye

The latest from my  Atlanta BeltLine meadow  series eclectic food-for-thought for a changing world

"At the End of Holderness Street" (A 10-Month Update on the Spot Formerly Known as the Ashview Community Garden)

I returned to the former location of the Ashview Community Garden on the Atlanta BeltLine's Westside Trail yesterday for my...

One Citizen's Journey to Residential Solar in the Sun-Soaked State of Georgia

This is my family's roof when it was being reshingled six years ago. It was a big eye-opener for lots of reasons. At the end of the day,...
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Jan 01 2011 by Drew1912

I am looking for people in the Lawrenceville Ga. area who are interested in having an organic

garden. I have enough land right in L'ville to heve many individual plots for planting.

Please contact Drew at if interested.



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