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Stockton, California
I live in Stockton, California.  My husband died in 03 while I was still going through chemotherapy for advanced stage colon cancer.  He was my best of best friends and I still feel very much married to him even to this day.  I have been completely disabled with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome - CFIDS for the past thirteen years.  This illness has been far more difficult then fighting cancer was for me and the cancer came very close to ending my life where I... Full Bio
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Sep 09 2009 by Patriciann

I am still to this day experiencing varying degrees of post traumatic stress disorder from this experience and that is on top of my already surviving thirteen years of being completely disabled from CFIDS. So I now KNOW the 'fatigue' part of the title of this illness needs to change for the benefit of everyone living with this illness along with the friends and loved ones that support us along our journey.

Sep 09 2009 by Patriciann

I am now completely disabled because of CFIDS but the 'fatigue' part of the name used to identify my illness is just so not adequate.


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