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What Is Creativity – 13 Bloggers Share Their Views

Posted May 28 2012 7:23am

Creativity is the faculty by which our soul can seek loving expression and personal meaning through making a physical difference to the world. – Abundance Tapestry

Creativity has evolved to a higher meaning than just taking on a limited text-book definition. According to the common definition from Webster’s – Creativity is marked by the ability or power to create, to bring into existence, to invest with a new form, to produce through imaginative skill, to make or bring into existence something new. However, as I see it, creativity means all that but it is also beyond just putting up a painting, composing a music piece or to invent something unique.

Creativity can be viewed from a higher spiritual perspective. In fact, I believe that our increased understanding of what it is in recent years is due in part to our increasing spiritual consciousness. We are becoming more and more aware that we are spiritual beings in a human existence.

And so, I now see creativity as a physical and divine expression of an aspect of our soul. I also feel that once we can connect creativity with a spiritual understanding, whatever we do takes on special meaning. Our physical expressions become deeper awakenings of love, inspiration, beauty, connection and oneness.

What I have written so far comes mainly from personal experiencing of what creativity is and encompasses.

Don’t take my word for it, though.

I asked 13 other bloggers in the personal development field on what they understand by what creativity is. And here are their thoughts….

Creativity is a spiritual quality that we can bring to any activity, be it dancing, singing, painting, writing, making a meal or washing the floor. If what one is doing brings joyful feelings of uniqueness, then it is creative, no matter what it may be. Whenever we transform our labor into a ‘labor of love’, we imbue our action with creativity. Even small tasks become great tasks when accomplished creatively. k That is what creativity is to me.
Blessings, Rob White,

Creativity is the door that opens mykheart and listens to my soul’s whispers”.
- Suzie Cheel,

I believe that creativity is our unique, individual heart whispers expressed through various mediums. Perhaps it is allowing intent to shape the feeling of a moment, or using skill to craft a tangib,e item, or moving energy to facilitate external connections. We tend to place great significance on the “result”, sometimes even allowing the concept of perfectionism to block our willingness to create. When we choose to open our hearts through vulnerability, we are choosing to be creative and from such a space, the product is always “perfect”. The ‘reward’ is the process of creating, and the inner peace that radiates from allowing our heart whispers to become our reality.
- Joy Holland,

Creativity is a state of mind. It’s not a talent that some possess while others don’t. Any and every human being is capable of creativity; some are simply more in the habit of accessing it and being comfortable with it, while others get too intellectual or try too hard and then miss that opening where the mind slips out of it’s habitual thought patterns, and into the giant open space of creativity.

The form creativity takes will vary from person to person, and will vary from situation to situation. I’ve found the best way to open its gates is to be physical and simply move differently. Move your body in different patterns, play with your voice in different pitches and accents, they way into creativity is through playfulness.
- Aileen

We are all born with the gift of creativity. We can use it as we choose to. If you can think, you can create. Creativity – is the way we choose to live life and the unique way we perceive something. It liberates, helps us find our passion and transforms work into something we love. Creativity is an attitude and adds adrenalin to life, making us recognize positive things even when we’re sad.
– Vidya Sury

The intuitive flash of inspiration and creative idea is thrown forth onto the shores of our consciousness whole and fully formed without the thinking mind’s involvement. This is why intuition and creative inspiration oftenkfeel like an “aha” moment.
- Angela Artemis,

You are all made in the image of the Grand Creator itself. Therefore creativity is part of who you are and finding your unique creative vibration leads to experiencing an inspirational life. You are a co-creator, an expression of life itself, your job is to contribute to the constant never ending game called creation. Connect with your inner joy and demonstrate to the World who you are by what you choose to create.
- Justin Mazza,

Creativity is what happens when we quiet our minds and allow our hearts to sing.
- Paige Burkes

Creativity, to me, is about asking your subconscious mind to find an answer to a creative problem, and then letting your subconscious mind get on with finding the answer.

Your subconscious mind then immerses itself in looking for the answer, in lots of different ways, eventually handing the answer to you in a basic way. It’s then up to you to craft the answer into something more, if required.
- Steven Aitchison,

If life were a fountain, creativity would be the water flowing out of it nourishing the heart and soul of all who consume it. Creativity gives us the ability to express ourselves in infinite ways and expand our personal state of being. Creativity engages us to try new, be different, explore and take a chance. It has the potential to give our life meaning and purpose, and help teach us about who we really are.
- Evita Ochel,

What if we put as much time in our creativity as we do other things? What if we had a journal or a sketchbook in every bedroom instead of a television? What if we carried around our pen and notebook or paintbrush and easel like we do our cell phones? When you unleash your creativity, a whole new world opens at your feet. The sun becomes brighter and the birds sing louder. Like a child running free at recess, you laugh, run, and explore, thrilled to be alive.
- Tess Marshall, , quote taken from “Flying by the Seat of Your Soul”.

Creativity is the ability to see the hidden possibilities in any situation. It is the refusal to accept things the way they are and the will to find a solution to any challenge. Creativity is the belief that you are creative even if no one else is able to appreciate your ability. Many creative greats like Vincent van Gogh or Thomas Edison met with repeated setbacks and failure during their lifetimes. But they never stopped believing they were creative. You too are a creative soul. But first, you must be able to see the positive even if things are negative.
- Irving the Vizier,

Creativity is about playfulness, imagination, concentration, practice, and being in the moment. It’s about surrender, patience, courage, and trust. When you’re creative, you unblock obstacles so that your original self can shine through. The c2eative process is a non-ending, spiritual path. The benefits are enormous – a lifetime of joy and rapture unlike anything else on this earth.
- Fran Sorin,

Share Your Thoughts

Enjoyed reading what the bloggers had to say? I certainly did. Much thanks to the amazing 13 bloggers who kindly contributed their ideas and thoughts! I appreciate their sharing very much!

Let’s continue to share. So what is your understanding about what creativity is? Do share your views below. Do any of the definitions above resonate with you and your experience of it?

Love and Abundance Always,

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