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What are my privacy right to my room after several years seizure free and after removal of meds?

Posted by toko3d

I recieve a TBI 4 years ago. I can be POSITIVE that I have not had a siezure in the last three. For the last two years I have been off my seizure med Dilantin after an EEG showed that I didnt suffer from seizures. Although as frustration is a difficulty of mine I was place on non generic Depakote for the mood stability. Although, as I understand it has anti seizure properties as well.

 My question is if someone violates my personal space under the 'plausibility' of a seizure, what right do I have to fight this contravention of my right to privacy? After how long can someone no longer barge into my quarters in a group home under the guise of 'possible seizure'? And when I move out onto my own will my right be hampered there as well?

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