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Setting Intents with A Vision Board 11.11.2009

Posted Nov 10 2009 10:00pm

Well, if you are an abundance alchemist like me, then let us not pass up on the opportunity to set intents on this auspicious day: 11.11.2009. Slade Roberson first alerted us all in the significance of the date in his post 11.11.2009. He shared that “ 2009 can be reduced (2+0+0+9) to 11, rendering the entire month of November an 1111 — a master manifestation number that indicates doorways opening, a creative portal for setting new intentions, and particularly a time of inspiration and illumination.”

personal vision board

The date November 11, 2009 (11.11.2009), which is today, is a triple-eleven numerology.

Intention Setting

Yes, traditional goal setting for the new year may seem early in the month of November but intention setting is not quite the same. Intention setting requires you to also work with your intuition, intellect, inner aligned desires and spiritual guides. It is not a once-a-year exercise but a continuous evolving process of alignment that reveals the next action step in an inspired manner. Setting your intents on a triple-eleven date draws magic, resources and universal support especially when you align inner passion with higher purpose.

A simple way to setting intents? Create a vision board, if you have not made one yet. Creating a vision board is not just a weekend cut-and-paste activity of your favorite pictures from lifestyle magazines. There is a science behind creating one. As Joyce Schwarz, author to the best-selling The Vision Board book, will tell you, creating a vision board involves visioning in the setting of your intentions. Of course, this same book is a favorite of mine. It featured a photo of the vision board that I did last year.

Does setting intents work? Absolutely! My intents have worked miraculously even whilst I move step-by-step in the process of aligning inner passion to higher purpose. I have not quite unlocked the keys to creation altogether but results have been amazing, even with the few that I have applied. At a time when the world was in recession, my income hit an all-time high (overtaking my last drawn salary as a banker).

Set Intents with Vision Boards

Anything useful tip about visioning and setting intents? Well, when I submitted a photo image of my vision board to the Vision Board book last year, I had no idea what Joyce had to share. Reading the book after its publication made me realize that one of the things that was glaringly missing from my vision board was: the absence of any associated pictures.

Joyce did not explain things in the way of “association” but she certainly highlighted the usefulness of having our own pictures in the vision board. If I may now add by using the study and application of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) submodalites to explain things, association means being immersed in one’s own experience (present, remembered, or imagined), whereas dissociation means thinking of oneself in the way that one thinks of another person. In the vision board that I have created previously, I realized that I had overlooked having my own pictures in it. As such, I did not fully connect emotionally by visualizing myself in the imagery.

So about two months ago, I created a new personal vision board with my photos in it. I spent yesterday updating the same vision board (see picture above). I am not finished with it yet. What was interesting was that while I was using my image editing software last night, I suddenly noticed that the phrase “At One with Nature” in the corner of my old vision board (the one I did last year). All this time, I had not realized the subconscious impact of the picture of a lady meditating in the midst of lush green trees with the words “At One with Nature”, leading me to create my new series of Nature Tapestry Notes. I decided to include the same phrase in my new vision board.

I intend to spend the rest of today (11.11.2009) making changes in a flow of setting intents, creative visioning and inspired ideas.


The next date to look out for Nov 29, 2009. You want to be ready by then, if you have missed setting an intent today. There is much value in getting the process right! Check out the following resources:

1. Dream Manifestation Kit – Download free ebook and of course, get the kit!

2. The Vision Board Book by Joyce Schwarz with its GRABs formula.

3. Self Growth Giveaway – Set your intentions rolling with $4,000 worth of free downloads.

Your Action Please

Do affirm to the Universe and get its support by sharing your intents in the comment box below. How else do you hope to set your intents today or in the month of November 2009, drawing on the magic of the double- or triple-eleven numerology?

Abundance always,

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