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Remote & Wireless Patient Monitoring Markets

Posted May 10 2010 4:11am
Bharatbook added a new report on "Remote & Wireless Patient Monitoring Markets" which gives Remote & Wireless Patient Monitoring Market technologies and its applications.
  Remote & Wireless Patient Monitoring Markets
 Patient monitoring systems are emerging in response to increased healthcare needs of an aging population, new wireless technologies, better video and monitoring technologies, decreasing healthcare resources, an emphasis on reducing hospital days, and proven cost-effectiveness. 
 Of these new high-tech patient monitoring systems, nearly all focus on some form of wireless or remote patient monitoring. Advances in remote patient monitoring include new peripherals, real-time audio and video for “face-to-face” interaction between clinicians and patients, wireless communication, systems that “sort” the vast amount of data collected in order to put it into the context of a patient’s condition, portable and ambulatory monitors, web-based access to the patient record, systems that transfer data to an electronic medical record (EMR), and full-service outsourcing that includes a clinician to evaluate data and send a report to the attending physician.
 This report, Remote & Wireless Patient Monitoring Markets covers three product areas: wireless and remote patient monitors, patient data processing applications and equipment, and EMR data transfer equipment and applications, which coordinate the flow of data to hospital electronic medical record system. Wireless and remote technologies include all patient monitoring that transmit data either within an institution via wireless or intranet, and all technologies that monitor a patient and forward the data to another party or application. There are four primary markets for these new technologies, which are as follows:
 Hospitals; Home healthcare; Nursing homes; and Other (including first responders, institutional, physician offices, and military)
 Patient data processing applications and equipment use algorithms to evaluate monitoring measurements for a patient’s specific condition(s). Usually, these can be customized by the physician, with reports sent to the physician. In the market for high-tech patient monitoring systems, the applications and equipment are either integrated into the patient monitoring system or are add-ons to the measuring systems. As with data processing, EMR data transfer equipment and applications for this report are either components of, or add-ons to, patient monitoring systems. This report does not include EMR applications. In general, the applications in this segment transfer data to third-party EMRs.
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