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Power Word(s) for Intention Setting In 2011

Posted Jan 24 2011 9:34pm

A vision encapsulated in one power word is the single intention driver to what you hope to achieve for the year. Rather than get caught up in crafting lengthy goals, a single-word has its benefits in creating focus. What is great with using one word intent is that if aligned, it consolidates your efforts in energetic resonance.

Blogging With Love
(A bunch of sunshine on my desk)

A Quick Review of Last Year’s Power Words

Last year, around this time, I wrote an article on 30 power words to activate intention setting and visioning . Thereafter, I chose abundance as my overall power word with the elements of creation, creativity and gratitude .

If you had been a reader to my site last year, you would see many posts with these themes. I was big on creativity and creation last year.

- I became a Vision Board counselor and also took a completion certification with the Scrapbook University.
- Inspired, I started using scrapbook ideas to create mini-vision and gratitude boards and pictures of life sayings (for examples, refer to here , here and here ).
- I began weaving stories into my posts.
- I also started a number of projects, tapping into my creativity in order to create them. These will be announced on my site when they are completed and I am done with them.

Deciding Over Carefully

Many personal development bloggers have shared about their power words at the turn into 2011. Suzie shared that hers is abundance, Lance is “Shine” , Evita is “Centered” and Farnoosh is “Patience”. Over at Chris Brogan’s site, he uses three words instead of one .

It was tempting to come up with one quickly. However, I decided not to give in to angst but to really sit through the process of arriving at the intention which I wish to set.

Now that it is coming to a close to January… I know what power words I would like to set for intention in 2011?

Well, after weeks of contemplation, I have decided. As usual, the overall power word is abundance. But specifically, for this year, I chose three related words.

And The Word(s) Is (Are)

(Drum roll)….

Integration. Inter-alignment. Patience.

Integration. According to the dictionary, integration means the act of combining or adding parts to make a unified whole. My intent is to integrate abandoned or forgotten parts of myself into wholeness. Using the Enneagram, as I am a Type Four, it means that I first integrate into the energies of a Type One and the rest gradually. (Learn more about the Enneagram in my previous posts: How Would You Cross the River and What Enneagram Type am I ).

Inter-alignment. By integrating into wholeness, I own my full power. I am also better able to align both my inner and outer worlds. This means that going forward, I create ways to make the benefits of inner changes relevant in the physical plane. It means that I find ways to express myself authentically, creatively and inspiredly in a manner that will bring value to my readers and clients (and you of course :-) )

Here is an excerpt that I wrote in my book…

Having understood the principles of this book, we are to realize that the only way forward in the modern world is to not just take an inward journey but to make our changes relevant. The challenge for the abundance alchemist is to find a way to align the inner and outer worlds, so that the expansiveness of one maps out to the other. I call this process “inter-alignment”.

Abundance alchemy is the art of inter-alignment, the weaving of the two worlds into a radiant tapestry that promotes life. The magic that aids in the transmutation is a function of the Philosopher’s Stone – the weaving process facilitated by the Magnum Opus.

Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold

Patience. Change is not and has not been easy. I intend to practice more patience with myself and the process that change involves.

Most certainly, I hope to share more about my experiences – both challenges and successes – from having these intentions in the posts for the year.

What is Your Power Word?

Do share your power word or words for the year. What do they mean?

I urge you to reflect and come up with one, if you have not given thought to it. Having one or up to three has helped me in the previous two years :-)

More power to you in 2011,


Update on Abundance Series
Abundance alchemy series will be coming up in February. It will feature a series of articles relating to your questions about abundance. If you have got a question, submit it in the previous post or on my Facebook Page .

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