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Planting Seeds of Intent: Creation. Creativity. Gratitude.

Posted Jan 21 2010 5:49pm

The intent or power word that best resonates with me right now is Creation. It represents the birthing of ideas into fruition. It is about the need to be authentic to my inner vision and to trust that the marketplace will support me in my work. In being authenticit is about claiming ownership what is inherent in me all along – my creative self. Of courseCreation and Creativity springs from Abundance – the power word which drives my overall intent and this blog.

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For a long timeI associated creativity with artistic talents. WellI never did not have the chance to develop my artistic abilities from young. Perhaps it was because I did okay in my academic results. So there never was a reason for me to consider studying art seriously. After allbased on popular beliefs and perhaps back in the old days for the majority of artiststhe creative profession was never known to be a career that paid well. Compare that to being a bankeraccountantlawyer or a doctor. And so I never got that much of a chance to pick up the paint brush as much as I would like to have.

What was great was once I started my banking careerhoweverI could afford classes that encourage creativity. I dabbled in potteryfolk artjewelry designand graphic design in my spare time. At one stageI also made some loose change from selling my creations; even though I did not have any proper qualifications. The beginning signs of an entrepreneur? HoweverI put a stop to all my hobbies with the birth of my two girls.

About three to four years backI started focusing on inner work. I spent my available time doing energy releasespast life clearing and meditation; as first helping myselfthen my familyfriends and clients. There was hardly time for anything elseon top of minding my two young kids.

What emerged interestinglywas the chance to develop other aspects of creativity with the rise of this blog. Writing for it allowed me self-expression. I found myself happily designing headersand spending hours making mind moviescreating videosamending my photosetc. I did almost everything on my own. In the last yearI started also using my own photos to go with the posts I publish. Okay…so I didn’t follow the rulebook of top internet marketers – that is to outsource design work to freelancers in India. But heyI really enjoyed myself in the process!!

And so it is for me. Creativity is not just about painting a picture or designing a logo. It is how I can integrate many aspects of my life together in a creative output. Work is a seamless expression of my true nature. I still do not have all the answers on how the “final” output is going to look like. I suspect that there is no “final” product to begin with. Because my work is constantly evolving. Who I am is constantly evolving.

I make the intent to bring out the playfulcreative and fun side of myself even greater this year. When I work from an inner creative spaceI am connected to my feelings. In the silenceI can guided by an inner voice on how best to express myself. I am no Picasso but most certainlymy works are creations made with love.

(In a recent survey titled “I Can’t Get No…Job SatisfactionThat Is”a survey funded by 2000 corporations around the world showed job satisfaction at lowest level. While other polls showed relatively stable numbersthis survey reported a decline. What was interesting to me was that in the same newspaper report – Straits Times Monday Jan 18 – it was said that the happiest workers are people in helping professions or doing creative work!! )


IncidentallyI received a number of “signs” that have affirmed the same power word of Creation for me. For instancewhen I used my favorite pack of divination cards at the start of this yearI pulled out “Ostara: Fertility” card. On the card were the words “It is the perfect time for you to start new projectsaccess new ideasand give birth to new conditions”.

Most certainlywith a card like “Ostara”you won’t find me sitting on my butt and twiddling my thumbs for too long!


I started the year with the intent of “Inspiration” but had a gnawing feeling that I wanted something new to connect with. With regards to intent of inspirationas of some time agoI have decided that I would like to inspire others through my site. My intent is to show others the qualities with which I craft my lifeinspiring others to do the same with theirs.

ThenI woke up this morning with the word: Gratitude. I realized that in recent weeksI kept coming to the message of showing thanks and appreciation in several places. I have more thoughts to share on this. Do keep a lookout for the post!

Year of Planting Seeds

Life is one big adventure for me! Naturally soever since I have taken the less trodden path of becoming self-employed. I believe that 2010 will be another exciting year for me.

I have started the year with the birth of Affirmation Mart. It sure seems to be the year for planting seeds and watching them take root and grow.

Welllet’s just see how my intent of CreationCreativity and Gratitude plays out! I look forward to the unfolding of my journey!! May the fun begin!

Any Comments

Are you working on anything new for 2010? New ideasprojectsbooksprograms? What seeds are you intending to plant firmly into the ground?

Abundance always,

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