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Inner Alchemy Through Life Lessons

Posted Jan 10 2011 10:01pm

So you have experiencing situations that show up your low self confidence?

You are a subject of constant emotional abuse since 3 years old?

Been dumped for the 7th time?

Been betrayed by your unfaithful spouse?

Engaged in daily fights with your family members?

Do You Dare To be Wise?
(I keep myself contemplative via creative reminders of my life lessons!)

Well, all these situations can potentially hold life lessons for us. The thing is that if we do not build some awareness to their underlying meanings, we would have missed out on the gems. We would be simply reacting, avoiding and distracting ourselves from the true heart of the matter. We would merely be looking at the wrappings without knowing that there are treasures inside.

These external situations take place to help us discover what is truly in our minds. Life is a mirror held up by the hands of the Universe. When we smile into the mirror, we see a smiling picture in the reflection. When we frown, we see ourselves frowning in the mirror. Hence, we can look at the mirrored reflections of life to know what is going on in our minds. Situations of harmony reflect the harmony inside us. Situations of love and peace reflect the loving presence that we are. On the other hand, situations of stress reflect our inner stress.

Explained in energetic terms, we attract the same vibrational frequency that matches with the state of our being. So whatever we are already enjoying in our external life right now is a match to the vibrational frequency of our inner state. When we attract situations opposite to our desires, it goes to mean that we are not carrying that specific energetic quality. Such essences can be of “disempowerment”, “insecurity”, “disharmony”, “distrust”, “pain” and so on. These would manifest as life lessons for us.

“Pain is feedback letting us know that something inside of us is out-of-balance.”
— Abundance Tapestry

Life Lessons on Planet Earth

Life lessons is a metaphoric term to represent the insights we can gather within the folds of our external situations. We would first need to unfold the outside layers to reveal what is contained within. In many cases, there can be multiple layers. Delving down the layered meanings bring about ultimate transcendence.

In a previous post, Earth has been explained as a school with plenty of opportunities for learning experiences. Learning opportunities can be in different forms. They can also be big or small. Where they are major, you observe lessons of the same theme being replicated across all areas of your life; from workplace to your home. Where they can start small, it is possible for them to snowball into major ones especially when you repeatedly ignore what the external components of life have been trying to convey. Earth also comes with a huge playground where you can choose an array of fun things to do. These also offer areas for growth.

Major life themes are likely to the ones that your soul has agreed to prior to incarnation. It’s more like some unfinished business. They are lessons carried over from past lives. To evolve, your soul needs to incarnate in order to experientially move up in consciousness. And this is precisely why you are here. Your soul purpose, generally speaking, is to discover who you really are. And there is much that you can discover about the many dimensions of self. Most certainly, you are an interesting divine aspect of source!

Wising Up Through Inner Alchemy

Inner alchemy happens when we are able to understand what the situations mean and undergo the necessary personal transformation. We look inside ourselves, instead of shifting blame at others. We learn to take responsibility. Our investigations reveal that we have been in constant self-sabotage. The seeds to our inner hurts have been planted ever since we are young. These seeds have been allowed to flourish in the backyards of our mind. Over the years, we become even more convinced that we deserve the repeating theme, that everyone is out to get us, that we are genetically wired to be “like this” or that we are just not born lucky.

To begin, we are to be alert to the underlying meaning beneath any negative or over-reaction. We ask ourselves: what are we trying to avoid, resist or hide? It is through seeing ourselves in our true light that hold the key to transcending our life lessons. We wipe off the layers of cosmetic color, concealing powder and makeup foundation to know ourselves with warts, blemishes, moles and all.

In deeper work,a floodgate of tears is likely to follow. Using up boxes of tissues, we are unable to stop the copious flow of the dam. It is a dam that has been holding up the reserves of hurt, pain, and neglect all this time. What is to realize is that these tears represent our deep connection to soul. They come from the wisdom of our heart. They pave the way for healing. They pave the way to gaining strength.

The Path to Wisdom

Ultimately, the key is to be open and to allow ourselves experience the dimension of source from within. We discover Truth through insight. Meditative practices can help.

Experiencing ourselves as we truly are continually is Pure Being. It is continuous consciousness and not just in spurts of inspiration, fancy or mere talk. It is one of complete freedom and therefore abundance. In this state, all of life’s most perplexing questions associated with our lessons would have been solved.

“You are an abundance alchemist, the source of your own illumination.”
Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold

With best wishes,

evelyn lim signature

PS 1. This post is written as part of the Life Lessons Series , started by Abubakar Jamil and in collaboration with Farnoosh Brock . Thank you, both, for being an inspirational force in the personal development blogging niche :-)

2. Do share in the comments box below what your major life lesson has been for the previous year and what you’d do differently for 2011!

3. 2. Submit Your Questions Abundance Alchemy Series on 5 related articles is to start two weeks from now and once I know what issues you would like me to address about creating abundance. Hence, submit your questions, comments and thoughts under the Discussion thread “Blocks, Obstacles and Resistances to Abundance” at Abundance Tapestry Page .

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