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How NOT Embracing The Truth Causes Knee Pains

Posted Dec 04 2008 7:10am 2 Comments

(Photo by swilton on Wakeboarding, my favorite weekend activity when I was in my 20s. Could I have hurt my knee since back then?)

It sounds like an outrageous claim?!!! A reader to my site by the name of Frederic commented on my last post, saying that he was able to remove chronic pain with hands-on healing in as little as one minute. In my last post on Emotional Secrets to the Physical Body, I had written about my knees failing on me, triggered by a series of snow skiing classes.

With a claim like that, I was intrigued. He is guaranteeing that he can cure me from a distance too? Not one to miss out on a great opportunity, I wrote to him. If you suffer from physical pains, then do read on to find out more about his diagnosis of my knees, how he drastically reduced my pains and to determine what you can do for yourself……

The Comments That Got Me Intrigued

For easier reading, I am copying what he wrote in his first comment to my last post…

It is beautiful to see that some of you have made the connections between your perceived reality and your physical reality. It takes courage to look at ourselves and honestly searching for the roots of our issues.

Long time ago I created the emotional site chart of the body. For each painful area and organ of the body, which includes “dis-eases” there is an emotional or false perception of reality. Healing is the removal of this false belief, it can take just a few seconds (which is called miracles by those who do not understand) or a few minutes. Just two weeks ago a friend called me with an unbearable back pain which she had sustained all day. I told her that I had only three minutes since my baby was due for her bottle. There is no waiting for a hungry baby:) After addressing the issue it was gone in three minutes.

Your knee issues are more precisely related to specific struggles. I have many times assisted in the removal of chronic pain in just a few minutes, sometimes in as little as one minute. I don’t want to bore anyone in the explanation of the process which is so simple.

My goal is to help and teach others to be in control of themselves and their destinies. Healing is the first step to undertake to have self-ownership, and in this I wish you all the bliss of self discovery.

The truth: You cannot be more perfect then by being yourself. Healing is the process of removing everyone else affecting you and embracing the truth. With love, Frederic

Frederic’s Diagnosis Of My Knees And Steps For Healing

(I emailed Frederic a picture of my left knee, describing the exact location of the pain. Frederic’s instructions are as follows…please note that I am not sure if the same set of instructions apply to all…perhaps Frederic can answer this question…..)

First, check your knees, score the level of pain before reading on.

LEFT KNEE PAIN on a scale of 1 to 10
RIGHT KNEE PAIN on a scale of 1 to 10

Let’s start with the cause and connections. It needs to make sense to you to do the healing yourself since I can not do it for you. READ AND LISTEN TO YOUR HEART ECHOING TRUTH OR NOT. Re-read each sentence twice very carefully absorbing the meaning.

The most pain being your left knee the cause is rooted in:

1. Being pulled by the past, yet everything about you wants to embrace the present and a new vision for yourself. The pain reflects the struggle to get away, change directions. Something, someone is holding you back and it takes a lot of emotional energy to get away.

The truth:Just know that you are winning, you are feeling freer everyday, it is a fact and it shows by your actions, your success in touching people.


2. There might be someone very close to you for whom you feel responsible and there is a struggle with it. I want to say a child or a parent. On this one I think you are faced with circumstances not controlled by you uniquely. Stand your ground, do not compromise and be courageous. GROW IN CONFIDENCE.

The right knee pain is related to the left only by the weight you feel, or more precisely the sense of obligation to grow and move forward to claim your life and realize your vision.

The truth:in you are the seeds of freedom already growing and nothing can stop them, you, to shine. You already have done most of the work but still feel as if you need to fix more of yourself. You don’t. There is nothing wrong with you, only right, just embrace it.



First Round Of Q&A

Evelyn:Thanks for your response. My apologies for taking so long to reply. I am about 12-13 hours ahead of you, in case you are not aware that I come from Singapore (a city island in Asia).

Frederic:I am from France originally but I write to you from Knoxville, Tennessee in the U.S. I have traveled to many countries but have never been to Asia. You do not need to apologize for the time delay.

Evelyn:When I woke up this morning, I still had remaining pains that continued on my left and right knee. As I walked, I could feel as if my bones were shifting and not quite fixed together (not sure if you know what I mean).

Frederic:Yes I understand. You may have either torn ligaments or they are loose. Regardless of the physical conditions they can heal.

Evelyn:I tried out what you suggested. So I started the exercise with a left knee pain score of 7. For a while, nothing seemed to have changed. I was sitting down by the PC to follow your instructions. Then, I decided to try walking. I did feel better!!

However, as I walked more and more, the pains came back when I moved my legs at certain angles. Still, there is no denying that the pains were very much reduced. I cannot fully stretch out my left leg but it is definitely much better than before. I also found that as I continue to repeat your statement to release, it helps.

Frederic:The truth wipes out the cause of struggle which creates weakness and in-jury. The statement is only the truth, the real you. Next to finish the healing process you need to do something physical. It is like signing a contract with yourself that you are anew and reborn with a new identity, the better you.

Evelyn:Theoretically and consciously, I am not sure whether I agree with your deduction that someone is holding me down. If anything, it is myself. All blocks to greater success or becoming a fuller person is self-generated. So yes…I am working on myself to break any self-imposed limits.

Frederic:Be gentle with yourself. Yes all blocks come from a perceived reality for which you have controlled but you have been conditioned to think a certain way or grabbed on the emotions of your parents as we all have. Part of these emotions and hurtful events conditioned you to respond in wanting to find your own voice.

Listen to your heart, not your mind. Our mind loves to distract us from the truth about what is honestly going on, after all it created this great illusion of pain.

The greatest challenge for you is to allow yourself to feel not to analyse. You are working on yourself and I applaud your courage and determination but why making it a fight? The discord will dissolve itself as you embrace the truth about who you are.

Evelyn:My diagnosis is that I have forgotten to stretch sufficiently before my snow skiing classes, inadequate exercise, and my initial not wanting to attend classes.

Frederic:The weakness wasn’t created by snow skiing it was already there waiting to manifest itself. Yes every pain is an opportunity to find out something new of ourselves and to grow in freedom. That is all they are, opportunities.

Evelyn:What is this form of healing modality called? It seemed pretty similar to EFT or the Sedona Method. However in your case, you have linked the part of the body directly to the emotions that are blocked.

Frederic:This is just a very basic approach to healing and becoming free. This is just a little step in the process. I am not familiar with any other methods. My life pursuit is to remove the cause of pain and give the tools to be in control of our destinies, by showing the way. Healing is just a speck in the process, which facilitate the spiritual journey. Pain is a great distraction to our journey.

Remaining Exercises To Complete Recovery Process

Frederic also required me to perform another series of exercises for permanent emotional release and some stretching. My initial scoring of my knee pains went down from 7 to almost nil with following his set of instructions, during the phone call.

Here are excepts of the call and the Q&A that followed thereafter….

Evelyn:I hate to admit it but I am sensing my reluctance to score a zero.

Frederic:You will need to completely release all your negative emotions and to let go, in order to get it down to zero. When breathing out, visualize a complete release. Be ready to embrace a new You! The skepticism is natural in most people.

Evelyn:Still I need to thank you for how you’ve assisted me. You’ve helped me to drastically reduce (or eliminate) any remaining pain. Do you offer consultations? How can people contact you?

Frederic:Thank you for doing this, it will impact many people. If you would like let’s just use my name at this point. I do not sell products other than personal spiritual and physical growth and self help tools through private consultation. Eventually, I hope to offer workshops.

My Review

“Pain is an illusion created by an emotion which is also an illusion, as nothing can be more perfect than who we are when we are free.
— Frederic”

Thanks to Frederic, my knees made a huge jump in improvement. I am not sure if I agreed with the exact deduction of my problems. I certainly do not have anyone with whom I feel obliged to or overly responsible for. Neither is there someone who is holding me back. If anything, all limits are self imposed.

I went along with his suggestions nonetheless. Strangely, whatever he suggested I do, appeared to work. I realized that I would score my pain differently each half of the day or when I just awake in the morning. But my scores are decidedly lower since seven hours ago when I made the call with him. It is almost nil for most part and at odd angles, I score any knee pain to below 5s.

The conversation with him also made me recall about Louis Hay’s work in You Can Heal Your Life. I have lent out my single copy to a girlfriend months ago and forgotten all about it!

He advised more rest, however…”By the way it will take three days to completely remove the physical trace of pain and emotions from your knees, and a few weeks for the shape of your knees to change.”

So it is still early days yet. With each series of emotional healing whether by Frederic’s method, EFT or karmic cleansing, I believe that I have gained much ground in letting go much of the dense emotions. Well, let’s see if I make it back for snow skiing classes soon enough. Once again, wish me luck!!

Your Feedback Please

1) Do you any thoughts about the method of healing suggested by Frederic?

2) If you have a specific pain issue regarding a particular body part, how about posting it here? As I’ve found out, there are no prizes for being shy!! You have to ask in order to receive. Frederic appeared out of nowhere to offer me another perspective in emotional release. I’m betting that Frederic will be nice enough to respond to what you need to do for greater relief *wink*

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Thank you so much Evelyn for truly listening to the process before you, as it has allowed others to become more aware of our body-spirit connection during this earthwalk. I am experiencing misalignment in my right now, and the pain is increasing. Fortunately you have had this experience of yours so I may learn and appreciate the depth of the dis-ease. I feel called to ask if Frederic is contactable, or even you, as the area I live in makes it difficult to be exposed to conscious, helpful minds. Thank you, and peace be with you.


Firstly I would like to thank you for your blog. I was at a business retreat last week and was touched by an experience/ demonstration of spirituality. This sparked my interest and on Saturday (yesterday) my internet seaches led me on a very interesting jouney. I have suffered with pain in my left knee for some time now - I had put this pain down to the multiple operations I had had when I played semi pro ice hockey for many years. A pain that has got progressively worse.

The early hours of this morning the pain in my knee was horrendous on a scale of 10 - it was 10. So much so I woke from my sleep in agony. I reached for my iPad and went on line to distract myself (trying my best not to wake my wife). I searched the net and quickly came across your blog. With an open mind I tried the exercises above and almost imediately the pain in my left knee disappeared! Even now almost 12 hours later the pain is still almost gone (1 at the very most).

Thank you so much. I am very keen to study and learn more about moving energy through the body particularly in relation to pain / dis-ease areas.  Would it be possible for you to recommend reading and starting points? Also, would it be possible for you to share Frederic's details?

Warmest regards x 

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