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From Mess to Message

Posted Oct 24 2008 6:20am

I watched the "Nightline" special that featured Robin Roberts, host of Good Morning America.  Robin was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2007 and then documented her journey through treatment to wellness. 

She had written a book before her diagnosis about seven life principles to live by.  Recently, she spoke about how we all, even those of us who are not television personalities, have some sort of obstacles in our lives.  When facing a health challenge, it can take up a lot of your time, effort and energy.

When she re-released her book she added an eigth principle "Make your mess your message".  When we spin straw into gold it gives our experience of illness a new perspective.  It takes the burden out of the experience, even if just for a moment.  It gives us a break in our minds tug-o-war and allows us to breathe.

The other part about making your "mess your message" is that it empowers you to change the world in some small way.  You don't have to find a cure for a disease, but maybe you help raise money for research.  Perhaps you share your story and it resonates with another making both of you feel a little less lonely in the world.

The smallest actions can have the biggest impact.  Think about how you will transform "your mess into your message".  It does a body good!

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