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Eliminate the Enemy of Creativity

Posted May 18 2012 2:02am

Creativity has an enemy.

This enemy has the initials S.D.

(Spot the enemy in the picture.)

On first look, you may guess S.D. to be Sexual Disease but it is not.

If marketing guru, Seth Godin , is to write this post, he will tell you that S.D. comes from the lizard brain. It is the reptilian part of you that wishes to enforce safety by keeping you in the comfort zone.

I have noticed that S.D. likes to hang around often when I work on many of my creative projects.

It drops in in the midst of my self-talk .

There will be periods when S.D. would dominate the inner conversation.

And then, my entire self goes into a freeze.

I become paralyzed.

Unable to write, doodle or even utter another word.

S.D. is the single most important factor why I find it hard to hit the button “publish” sometimes.

With S.D. on the strike, I would put aside my entire project.

Saving it for another day, buried under piles of paper and also, giving myself plenty of excuses on why it is better that I spend my time watching tear-jerking Korean drama serials.

Do not underestimate S.D. therefore.

To conquer it, you will need to identify and confront your enemy.

Can you guess what S.D. is?

Love and Abundance Always,
evelyn lim signature
Author. Adventurer. Life Coach. More About Me .

P.S. If you really really have no clue or would like to know what S.D. is, click here for the answer .

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