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Does the medical profession have any legal resources avail. regarding the depo-provera shot and compension?

Posted by lola1447

I was shot at levels of chemical casturation.  Instead of 150mg overy 3mo., my ob-gyn gave me a 300mg inj/200mg inj etc. over a 5 yr period.  I had no period for 7 years.  I now have blocked tubes, cysts on ovaries, and uterus-all different types.  No physician will give me a straight answer on odds of pregnancy- some say 100pct , other say 30-80pct.  My hormone levels were correct even when I had no period and was "jump-started to have one.  I believe this drug made me sterile.  I am currently in the process of obtaining a bone scan, after the dentist said I had a 60pct loss of bone tissue in my mouth.  I will lose my teeth in about 2 years.  I am only 42 now.  Where can I go to get the clinical trials of the depo when it first was tested, or do they allow a look?  I am now an LPN trying for my RN.
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