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Cultivate The Power of Imagination

Posted Feb 01 2010 5:50am

The power of imagination can bring us on exciting adventures, to fantasy playgrounds and rides on rainbows. Mine certainly did, one lazy afternoon while I was at the park. There was a tree that loomed above me (see picture). As I lay on the ground and turned my head upwards, I observed that the air that surrounded the crown of ferns sitting atop the tree carried a mystical charm. The day was hot. My eyes started to feel heavy. I closed my eyes.

“The Silver Shoes,” said the Good Witch, “have wonderful powers. And one of the most curious things about them is that they can carry you to any place in the world in three steps, and each step will be made in the wink of an eye. All you have to do is to knock the heels together three times and command the shoes to carry you wherever you wish to go.”
— Dorothy and the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

I saw myself shrinking many times over. My feet kicked off and I took flight. I hovered above the crown of ferns for a while before I swooped down. Upon landing on the crown, I was transported into another world. That afternoon, I frolicked with the wood nymphs, flower fairies, talking sparrows and purple-winged butterflies.

the power of imagination
(photo by The 5th ape )

Time did not exist while I was away. When I finally awoke, I reflected on how the use of imagination has just allowed me a glimpse into another world. Through frolicking with the fairies and teas with the woodpecker, I ended up with a few creative ideas to take home that day! And so it is that I borrow what Jake Sully from the movie Avatar said: “I may just be talking to a tree, but if you can hear me I need to give you a heads up.”

The Power of Imagination

1. Unleash Possibilities. Utilizing the power of imagination applied to thought, we open doors to wondrous possibilities. Our mind is the canvas to which we can apply our creative imagination to. What is on the inside becomes what is on the outside. We can do much to create the beauty around us.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
— Albert Einstein

2. Aids in Problem Solving. The use of imagination is not to be undermined because it grants us the power to change our life situation and to respond in more empowered ways. By asking what-if, we give ourselves the permission to unstuck ourselves. We create new neuro-pathways instead of repeatedly running along the same track without any breakthroughs. Possibilities are only limited by the extent to which we open ourselves to unchartered frontiers. Freedom from fear takes us soaring!

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
— Albert Einstein

3. Stimulates Creativity into New Frontiers. Without imagination, the first plane would not have taken off, boats would not have set sail and flights made to the moon. There would be no internet or personal computers either. Of course, you can also question about the use of imagination in science and technology being used for war or unethical purposes. Well, the problem does not lie in imagination but the intent from which we are applying our creative minds to.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
— Albert Einstein

4. Connects Us to Who We Are. We are born with the faculties of imagination and creativity. Not using these faculties is like living the life of a robot. Allowing our busy careers and lifestyles run our lives kills our spirit. Yet, conventional norms will have us believe that it is okay to continue producing repetitive, boring and unstimulating work for the primary concern of paying the bills. And so it is that we feel empty. We go searching for happiness and fulfillment, never realizing that the answers all lie from within.

When we start to connect with who we are, we realize that we are beyond time, space, dimension and form. We realize that we are truly powerful. We gain access to an inner power and strangely when we ask, we gain support from universal resources. We realize that our reality can be changed when we engage our creative imagination.

“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”
— Alan Alda

5. Key to Visioning. Imagination lets us see the possibilities of how we can represent our essence. Intention allows us to focus on where we wish to direct our energy on. Add the ingredients of focused attention, belief, expectancy and persistency to the mix, we have the formula for visioning!

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
—- Gail Devers

Nature Tapestry Notes

Today’s post is a continuation of the Nature Tapestry Notes I had published in November last year. Going forward, I am intending to publish Nature Tapestry Notes every start of the month. First and foremost, doing so reminds me that no matter how busy I am, I am to find time to connect with nature in year 2010. Well, I hope to continue to draw love, inspiration and renewal from Mother Earth. My wish is that you will be inspired by my posts to make walks and meditation in the park a regular one too!!

Notes for The Day: Utilize the power of your imagination. It is a an important key to inspiration, creative problem solving and visioning. So, let your imagination fly and open yourself to all possibilities. And finally, when reviewing your dreams, consider the following advice….

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”
—- George Bernard Shaw

Abundance always,

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