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Caregiving when faced with unethical government (DOE)

Posted Feb 10 2009 12:41pm
First I am gonna plug a less read blog of mine: "Attorneys Don't Advocate" You can read some very interesting stuff about attorneys and CPA/tax attorneys at this site

There are many levels of people in our country who have stopped being (in a word) ethical.

Perhaps some people with weak characters see others get away with being greedy and they feel they can do the same.

The most recent harassment I have received is from the United States Department of Education. I still owe a small amount of a student loan (magnified by penalties and interest). These people call me literally every day (at approximately 8:00 am) and ask me what I am going to do about the student loan.

I explain to the caller that I am the primary caregiver for a very sick dad. I explain that he needs 24/7 care and that since they lost a significant amount of money in the stock market, they cannot afford a home nurse. In my world, the family pulls together.

I explain (every day) to the DOE that I was offered a job with the United States Department of Homeland Security but I am waiting for security clearance to be completed. I have been waiting almost 4 years.

The DOE caller tells me (with a giggle in her voice) that she can prevent me from ever getting security clearance. Isn't that sweet?

The DOE caller also told me that if I had any character, I would put my father in a nursing home and get a real, paying job.

I truly, honestly hope that no elderly family member of these DOE callers ever gets sick. Those elderly family members would not be treated well.

I remind the DOE callers that although I have been (technically) disabled by orthopedic malpractice (thanks again, Dr. Chris Dangles at Carle Clinic in Urbana ) and my own cancer, my family has never, ever taken a penny of federal assistance.

My family is strong. We pull together. That is what the American spirit and conservatism is all about.

Deep breath. Today is a good day for dad so far. I take him to Physical Therapy this afternoon. (I hope that is okay with the DOE).
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