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Can I speak to a doctor about a friend or relative's health?

Posted by Be Well

Can I speak to a doctor about a friend or relative's health?
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If you are concerned about the health of a friend or relative there are many ways for you to get more information and advice.

If you simply want to find out more about a friend or relative's health condition you can research the Internet.

However, if you wish to discuss a friend or relative's condition or treatment, the best place to start is by talking to them directly. Tell them of your concerns about their health and offer to help and support them.

It may be difficult for your friend or relative to admit they have a problem with their health. For example if they have a drink or drug problem. They may be reluctant to even admit it to themselves.

Facing health problems can be difficult and may take time. Be ready for this, and try to be as patient and calm with them as you can.

Speaking to a doctor

If you wish to speak to a doctor about a friend or relative's condition you have two options.

Firstly , you could ask to speak to the doctor that your friend or relative is registered with. However, because all patient and doctor relations are confidential, the doctor will not be able to discuss any details with you. They can take on board your concerns and offer advice or how to support a friend or relative.

However, a doctor can only intervene to help a friend or relative if they have been diagnosed with certain mental health conditions.

Secondly , you could speak with your own doctor for advice on someone else's health condition. Even though your doctor won't be able to discuss a specific case, they may be able to help you understand how to support your friend or relative.

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