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Building The Businesses Of Our Dreams

Posted Sep 26 2008 2:48pm

Since deciding not to go back to my previous vocation as a banker about a year ago - as shared in my last post - I have embarked on a path of self-discovery and building the business of my dreams. Through various personal struggles, I’ve come to understand the importance of aligning what I am doing with my Higher Self. If anything, it is not enough to choose what business to do based on some whimsical interest alone. Nor is it about choosing the business that can generate the most money or the one with the highest profit margin.

Sidenote:If you want to know more about the beginnings of my site and business, please hop over to an interview article over at Myrko’s site that I just did. In the article, I also shared about my role model, my mother-in-law, who had inspired me in more ways that I had ever known. It is also purely coincidental that Myrko approached me for an interview during this period; for today happens to be the third anniversary of her death.

Choosing the right business to do starts with self-discovery. In this area, I have benefited much from the intensive healing work that I put myself through. Books can only tell me so much; but it was from experiential learning that I got the most insights from. I follow where my instincts lead me each day. I allocate time to walking on a spiritual path; for without, I cannot point others in taking the necessary steps towards aligning with their Higher Selves in whatever they do.

In actualizing my dream business, I have also continued to further my skills, knowledge or requirements that will help me become a more effective coach, friend, entrepreneur and blogger. I have been connecting with my desire to help others; people who are going through difficult times, people with relationship issues and people who are unsure about their life purpose. Best of all, blogging has also allowed me to explore my creativity – the food for my soul - through writing, image designing, photography and making my own videos!

What Is The Business of Your Dreams

What about you? Do you have a dream to build your own business? Do you yearn for the flexibility and freedom of working as and when you want to? (I have to confess that there are days I’ve woken up at a time when most people are already in the office….er…like this morning for instance…*embarrassed grin*! I also take the day off - with no qualms at all - if my kids fall ill all of a sudden and need some attention. I zip in and out of my home, if I’ve got errands to run or if I need to meet up with friends in need of some consulting advice, during the day. I can do all these, because I’m in full control of my time! )

Well, if you feel called to starting a business on your own, you are just in time for Tom Volkar’s Business Of Your Dreams Program. Already 35 years in self employment, Tom has a mission now to encourage and inspire the discovery, validation and development of an authentic business. His newest program is designed to help any aspiring entrepreneur with freedom, fulfillment and prosperity. If you are struggling with knowing what you want to do or finding a suitable business that you can shine in, Tom may just be the coach for you!

On the other hand, if you already have an idea of what dream business you would like to build, do share in the comments below. What exactly are you doing now to achieve your dream – is it writing a book, coaching, starting workshops, internet marketing, etc? And lastly, what are some of the elements you hope to incorporate into your business?

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