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Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis on To...

Posted Sep 11 2008 11:32am 1 Comment
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At least ten thousand women per year are misdiagnosed with breast cancer! Robin M. Gray, a young registered nurse from Upstate New York who had breast cancer misdiagnosed for seventeen long months, can tell you that a misdiagnosis can happen to anyone, even when you think you are in the hands of trusted and experienced physicians. Like many women, Robin trusted her doctors when she was told that her breast lump was benign. However, seventeen months after Robin first saw a doctor for her breast lump; she was delayed diagnosed with breast cancer! Due to the late diagnosis, Robin required many more surgeries and chemotherapy, as cancer was found to have spread to her lymph node.

Robin's story is not uncommon. Often physicians do not do all the correct tests and aggressive procedures to adequately rule out cancer, especially in young women, thinking cancer is not probable. Of course a missed or delayed cancer diagnosis is dangerous for any age, especially for younger women who often have more aggressive cancer subtypes, where even a small delay may gravely impact on prognosis.

Today, Robin is a seven year survivor. She feels miraculously blessed to be here enjoying her family of three boys and a loving husband. She also feels a calling to turn her tragic experiences into something positive for others. In a new book Robin recently published, BREAST LUMP WHAT LIES BENEATH, she educates women about the common place of breast cancer misdiagnosis and guides women in how to obtain the correct diagnosis. Robin also believes her story will encourage those who have already suffered a misdiagnosis or anyone facing the crisis of a cancer diagnosis. A percentage of the proceeds from her book will go to the Young Survivor Coalition and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The book is available to purchase from

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