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Book Review: The Fire Starter Sessions

Posted Apr 16 2012 4:55am

The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful and Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms , a book written by Danielle Laporte, arrived at my doorstep last week at a time when I needed it. I was feeling miserable from being ill. I had sulked because I disliked being stuck in bed. My hopes for an early recovery had been dashed as the days wore on. Numbing fever and excruciating tension headaches that originated from a throat infection struck for 5 straight days.

The book had arrived early in the week but at first, I just did not feel up to reading an entire book. Then, mid-week, after waking up from a restful afternoon nap, I decided to tear open the courier package. I proceeded to read the complimentary copy sent to me by its publishing house.

I was not expecting much but what happened was that I got hooked after reading the first few pages.

The book turned out to be a God-sent. I have not read any materials by Danielle Laporte before and it was a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to her and her work.

Kick-Ass Self-Help

In a fun, somewhat brazen and punchy manner, the Fire Starter Sessions certainly got me out of my rut. Danielle espouses plenty of the things I believe in but these had gotten tucked away in a forgotten part of my mind whilst I was in a self-pity mode from being ill. So much for authenticity, I had even chastised myself while in bed. Hence, it was nice to be inspired back into a healthy state of mind by her book.

If you are expecting a self-help book in the nurturing style of Mother Theresa, pink blankets and white teddy bears, then you will be disappointed. You won’t find it in this book. The Fire Starter Sessions is meant to motivate you to take action. So its language is kick-ass! It is possible to feel as if Danielle is looking straight into you and asking you to cut the crap and be totally honest with yourself (well at least that was how I felt *sheepish grin*).

Thought-Provoking Questions

If you have enjoyed Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way, you may just enjoy the Fire Starter Series. Danielle shares that we are all artists (something which I believe too). She challenges you to examine your existing beliefs, be authentic, to honor your creative soul and to redefine success. Danielle affirms that it is the only way to “really, truly, fully live.”

In 16 sessions, you are given a series of questions to get you thinking. For instance, in the chapter, declare your superpowers, you are asked the following - Would you rather be sufficient or masterful?
- Would you rather be bright or freaking supernova?
- Would you rather be well-rounded or on your own leading edge?

The point made is that competency is not nearly good enough. Forget about being normal. Instead be freaky excellent. The work that you do must ignite your spark. It must be who you really are. As Danielle Potter says, you must have “got the strength and pride to fly your superhero flag.”

The Fire Starter Series is not just a book for reading. It also comes with worksheets, to do tasks and cheat sheets. I believe that if you actually get round to doing the practical exercises, you will benefit a lot more.

Quotes Big, Black and Bold

What stands out about the book is that it puts important one-liners in fonts that are big, black and bold across the pages. It would seem like a lavish use of space but I guess this must have been done deliberately for highlighting purposes. As a person who likes reading inspired sayings, I rather like this feature.

In case you are wondering, I am not obliged to write any review just because I was sent a complimentary copy of the book. I won’t want to waste your time or recommend you something that I don’t myself like. You can be assured.

Win a Free Copy of The Fire Starter Sessions

What is great is that I have arranged with the publishing firm, Random House, to give a free copy away.

Only one lucky winner will be picked. The person who can best answer the following question wins the free copy….

What does success mean to you?

Simply post the answer in the comment box below. The contest will end on April 19,2012 at 6am EST. I will be taking the next few days to get my groove back (being away last week has resulted in a pile of things to attend to) but I will be back on Thursday to announce the winner.

Love and Abundance Always,
evelyn lim signature
Author. Adventurer. Life Coach. More About Me .

P.S. Of course, you can always check Danielle’s book out at Amazon. Please click over here >>>

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