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Bernard Bihari, MD: 11-11-31 to 5-16-10

Posted May 19 2010 1:11pm 1 Comment


PLEASE Share your thoughts

about Dr. Bihari.

Last Sunday, the world lost a truly wonderful man: Dr. Bernard Bihari, a medical hero, and one of my personal heroes, as well.

Dr. Bihari was the genius who discovered that a very low dose of naltrexone, a drug that had been approved at a higher dose by the FDA for another purpose entirely, could help people with some of the most difficult-to-treat diseases.

Thanks to Dr. Bihari, tens of thousands (some say hundreds of thousands) of people with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, HIV/AIDS and even cancer are now living better lives. Many are symptom-free.

Dr. Bihari had the highest of credentials: a Bachelors degree from Cornell, and his MD degree from Harvard. But he never lost sight of his true mission: to lessen the suffering of real people.

And that he did.

I’ve been fascinated by Dr. Bihari’s work for a long. long time. I wrote an ebook  about LDN for International Low Dose Naltrexone Awareness Week, and am now writing another book about LDN and 3 other treatments that most doctors aren't aware of.

Dr. Bihari is one of the heroes of my book.

And several of the LDN Advocates who admire him so greatly have written chapters. My work has led me to talk personally with so many of the people LDN has helped -- especially people with MS.  And many of them are now my good friends.

I hope you will join with me in honoring Dr. Bihari by leaving you own personal comments below; I plan to share them with his wife Jackie Young. So, please leave your memories below – or your thoughts. Or anything you’d like Jackie to know about how you feel about Dr. Bihari.

If you’d like to write a longer piece -– something that is more than a comment--please send it to me at, and I’ll be glad to post it here on my site, as well.

But first, at this sad time of his death, I’d like to share some of my favorite links with you; links to a few wonderful memories of Dr. Bihari. I hope you will enjoy reading, listening, and watching.

1) First, here’s a 30 minute video of Dr. Bihari ,with Dr. Pat Crowley, from the 2006 LDN conference. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see several thumbnails. If you scroll to the right, you’ll see that Dr. Bihari himself appears at several times, interspersed between patient testimonies. I love listening to him talk; he’s fascinating.

2) In this transcript of a radio interview from 2003, Dr. Kamau B. Kokayi interviews Dr. Bihari.. I love this interview, because of the way Dr. Bihari explains his paradigm-shifting theories. His brilliance and kindness shine through.

And finally

BURTATDESK-framed 3)
I've excerpted a six minute section from an audio interview I did with Dr. Burt Berkson , another one of my personal heroes. Here, Dr. Berkson tells, in his own delightfully inimitable fashion, the story of how he first learned about Dr. Bihari and LDN. It’s truly wonderful. (You may listen to the whole interview with Dr. Berkson , as well.)

So, thanks for reading, watching and listening. And thanks for sharing your memories and thoughts below. I know that Jackie will love to read what you have to say.


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Dr. Bihari's legacy shall continue as more and more people with cancer, hiv and auto-immune conditions spread the outcomes of his work of genius in finding a safe way for patients to tackle these immensely frightening monster conditions.  I will be starting LDN later this month.  Dr. Bihari, your legacy continues as each person wakes up to the immense gift you left behind.

God bless you eternally,

Flamey Gibb

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