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Be wary of quick answers...

Posted by MedicalAdvocate

As a an MD who has shifted to being a full time medical advocate and advisor, one of my standard recommendations is for clients to be wary of quick, online medical advice.

 Often the "advice" is medically correct but is OUT OF CONTEXT to a particular person.  For instance, take the question "Should I take an aspirin every day to help prevent cardiovascular disease?"  It is correct to say that studies have shown this to be a good strategy.  However, if a person is loaded up on fish oils, vitamin E, and curcumin, then bleeding may be a problem.  If a person is already on Plavix or Warfarin, then it could be problem. 

I see people seeking medical advice widely on the internet.  Becoming more educated is a good thing.  However, keep in mind that for every "quick answer" one gets, there is a potential for the wrong application in a particular person.

It takes diligence, record review, and discussion with an educated advocate, advisor, or doctor to tailor a truly effective and safe plan of action.  This type of approach can also save you a lot of time and money by being more focused on YOUR situation.


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