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Attract Our Travel Dreams

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:15am

Beautiful Alaska

Many of us dream of going on a nice vacation. It may be a relaxing holiday in an exotic beach resort, visiting a Disneyland theme park or just an eat-and-shop holiday. If you ask me, I like the thought of them all. Bitten by the travel bug, I continue to have several holiday dreams; despite having traveled a fair bit.

Did I ever mention that Singaporeans are one of the most widely traveled people in the world? Once the school holidays begin in another month’s time, our already busy Changi Airport is going to enter another high peak period.

I share the same thoughts as Jeff from Super Charged Living on how it feels like to be away from home. He had written about things he love about traveling to new places in his recent post here. For Singaporeans, any form of traveling will mean going out of the country since there are no mountains to climb, lakes to swim or clear waters to dive in. Abroad, I enjoy breathing in the fresh air, sampling food from another culture and taking in the sights of some ancient ruins.

For a time, I wanted to be an air stewardess so that I could get to travel the world. The thought of being able to experiencing the world in all its glory was tempting! However, becoming an air stewardess then would mean having to quit my banking job. A friend gave me some advice, which I heeded to: It would be silly to give up your career prospects just to fulfill the wish to travel! The next best alternative was to make some money to afford the vacations. Of course, there is always the option of backpacking. But somehow, the thought did not occur to me back then.

Attract Money For Travel

Admittedly, traveling abroad can require a huge sum of money, if you intend to travel well. Going on one and with kids in tow can translate to a total bill that is in the thousands. If you find yourself wishing for a dream vacation abroad with your family but do not have means to, read this article that I wrote about changing your beliefs about money first. You cannot begin to attract funds for travelling if you hold negative thoughts towards having surplus money in your wallet.

My Abundant Travel Life

Our travel dreams are more likely to come true if we can bring forth the memory of how it feels like to be on vacation, while we make a request to The Universe/God/ Spirit Gudies. Hence, I am going to start off here by sharing about my previous travel life and recalling the enjoyable time I had.

In the United States, I have been to as far north as Alaska to view its ice glaciers and as far south as Key West to taste the famed key lime pie and watched its beautiful sunset. Disneyland was wonderful, although I would need to go back again and this time with my kids. From the U.S., I even flew on to Cancun off the coast in Mexico for a diving holiday with my husband.

Over in Europe, I have climbed Antoni Gaudí’s famous La Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain together with friends. I have also taken photos against the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, Holland and Austria. The ancient ruins of Pompei in Rome fascinated me as much as the famous paintings in The Louvre Museum of Paris. Food and shopping were so good in London that I have flown there a few times.

I have visited a number of countries closer to home as well. In China, I have set afoot the Great Wall of China and visited the Forbidden City; in Australia, the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin. Beach holidays in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are vacations that I have taken every now and then for a short getaway.

My Travel Dreams

There are many places that I continue to wish to see. So here goes my top 5 desired country destinations and in no particular order:

1. Japan – Hokkaido.
2. New Zealand.
3. Canada.
4. Austria – I have been to Austria once during my University school holidays but promised that one day, I would return to such a beautiful country.
5. United States – New York, Boston, Hawaii.

In the London Train with Min

I feel happy and grateful for having had the opportunity to see parts of the world, outside my home. My intent is to be in a vibrational alignment with my travel dreams. I now send my wish list to the Universe, joyful in the knowledge that one day my travel dreams will come true.

My kids too have their own wish list! Occasionally, they take the time to pore over pictures of places where they would like to go to some day. They feel very much inspired to do so, after glimpsing the vision board on my wall.

Share Your Travel Dreams

What about you? Would you like to make an intention request to visit a place that you have been dreaming of? What are 3 of your travel dreams and what in each place are you hoping to experience? Do share in the comments below.

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