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Angelic Reiki Healing with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters

Posted Aug 31 2009 10:07pm

(photo by alicepopkorn )

The room was getting pretty crowded. We could sense that we were not alone. However, all of us were quietly going about we were supposed to be doing. We each had a role to play – whether we were the one performing the healing or the one volunteering to be healed upon. Finally, the healing session came to an end. It was time for a discussion and review. Lights flooded the room next. They were brought down to a dim before.

This was how I had spent last weekend. I went through a series of practice sessions at an Angelic Reiki workshop. Modules we covered included healing as a channel, with intention, past life/multidimensional, self/distance healing.

During the discussions, we shared about our experiences both as a healer and as a “client”. Each of us managed to sense the presence of non-physical beings. The spiritual entities of 100% pure light had come upon our asking to perform healing. We were able to invite them after going through some attunements to the Angelic Kingdom of Light. At one stage, we had archangels Raphael, Michael, Metatron, ascended masters (Lord Lanto, KuanYin, Green Tara, Buddha, Djwhal Khaul) and the Galactic Council; all in the same room.

I was lucky to be in a class with participants having innately beautiful gifts. They were all highly intuitive. Each of them gave vivid descriptions of seeing colors, crystals forming, and strange faraway places whether in a past life or in another dimension. (And none of us have ever tried any hands-on healing modalities before! Most of the participants are holding corporate day jobs. Even then, each carried that special spark of divinity within them. I thought that it was amazing that each had embarked on a spiritual journey after going through a series of trials and tribulations.)

Having invoked a spiritual team to come forward, we acted as channels to help identify the problems for those we were working on. An issue of letting go of past hurts? A possible health condition in the head? Stepping up to power? Self-love and care? We asked for messages from the angels or ascended masters to be passed to our friends (the participants we were working on).

Receiving Angelic Reiki Healing

As a receiver to the healing sessions, I got my body cleansed, attuned, and massaged by the gentle and loving hands of angels. I even had my “third eye” polished!!

I experienced gentle waves of energy pulsating through my body, sparkly electric currents on my hands and energy shifts that threatened to give me a pounding headache a couple of times. Luckily, the sensations of a heavy head did not last. A constant supply of drinking water helped!

The messages that were channeled for me included:

- Let go of the burdens that I am carrying.
- Go forth! My spiritual team are always in full support of my work.
- Be bold and step up!
- Trust in my own intuition.
- Develop clarity with compassion.

Review of My Angelic Reiki Workshop Experience

What I found pretty phenomenal was that some of us could tune into the same memory of a specific past life or dimension. For one of the participants, I managed to tune into her past life in India. The scene was a busy street when I “transported” all of us (including the archangel) there. I “saw” that she was at a corner on her own begging. She sat hurdled, in tattered clothes.

During the review session thereafter, the participant shared that she could also “see” herself on a street, observing passers going by. It was a busy street, she said. Her account was indeed validating for me! If I had any skepticism or thoughts that I was hallucinating all these woo-woo stuff before, her sharing certainly quelled the voices of doubt within me. (*Smile* Thanks, Illa!)

I could not have asked for a better way to spend my weekend. On reflection, it was not so much what I have learned. Rather, it was the participants and the teacher, Oribel Osman, that made the difference.

As I stepped into the room on the first day and greeted each participant with a smile, I could not help but think to myself “they are old friends I have not met in this current physical incarnation”. I had vague memories of having done healing or spiritual work with them in a previous life/lives. The final attunement had us “flying” together across dimensions. While I was focusing on myself and could almost see the robes of my white gown fluttering as I took off to the clouds, I was very much well aware that I had friends with me on the same flight.

Oribel was particularly patient with me on my questions. (I always have many!!) She was also very kind to guide us through each healing session with the same instructions but mindful that she had to gradually let go of our hands. As you know, I have always espoused about repetition being the key to learning. I certainly got what I needed during the workshop!! Going forward, it will be much easier for each of us to adapt our healing sessions later on by bringing in our own unique style of invocation and visualizations.

All in all, I had a truly wonderful experience. The workshop ended with a celebration of dark chocolates, warm hugs and lovely thank-yous. Each of us received a professional certificate to practice Angelic Reiki. I am now blessed with the skills of being a perfect channel for angels, archangels, ascended masters and galactic councils for hands-on or distant healing.

Angels On Earth

(My Angels with their Very Angelic Smiles)

When I came home after the workshop last evening, my little girl asked me curiously “did you really get to see any angels?” I stopped what I was doing. Looking straight into her eyes, I replied in all seriousness “I am looking at one right now”.

Now, here are my thoughts. Not all angels must come with wings. They need not just be non-physical entities. They can very well be human. They are the ones who bring light to others. They share their blessings of hope, joy and peace, just by being the person that they are.

They are the ones who comfort us, whilst we trudge through the drenches in our darkest hour. They give us their shoulders to cry on. They may be neurotic at times themselves but never once fail to give us their unconditional love and support.

Lastly, they can be highly “dangerous”! They have largely contagious smiles. Their smiles light up your face every single time!

Know any angels like that?

Angelic Links

Like the idea of working with angels? Check out the following resources:

1. Official worldwide Angelic Reiki Website.

2. Angelic Reiki Singapore Website.

3. Star Recommendation: Contact Oribel Osman at

Let’s Talk About Angels

- Have you tried Angelic Reiki before? How was it like for you?

- Do you find yourself particularly connected with any angel, archangel or ascended master? Who is this? Anything to share about how his/her/their energies are like?

- Lastly, do share if you have identified an “Angel on Earth”!

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