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30 Reasons Why You Need to Build Self-Confidence

Posted Mar 01 2012 3:06am

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”- Norman Vincent Peale

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On a scale of 1-10, how much self confidence would you say that you have? You rate 1 if you have extremely low self-confidence and 10 if you have high self-confidence. You do not have to put too much thinking into the rating process, the score should come up intuitively.

There are many everyday signs of low self-confidence. It happens when you have little trust, cannot make decisions on your own and are constantly caught in a sense of helplessness. Invariably, your attitude towards life is poor.

Your awkwardness shows with low self-confidence. You tend to look at the ground, quiver in anxiety and keep apologizing for yourself in front of others. One client who came to see me last week about her low self-confidence kept shaking and shifting her legs nervously for a whole one hour.

Should you have rated yourself with a low score on the scale, then you may want to build your confidence. When you have great self-confidence, you will naturally feel better about yourself. Others will also pay more attention to you because you become attractive, fun and joyful.

Self-confidence is a fundamental certainty in who you are, and therefore, you become sure of what you do and have to offer to others. You have faith in your own ability to handle whatever life throws at you. When you have great self-confidence, you radiate with a glow on your face. Some people even call it as the “X-factor”. Shifting more positively from a place of low confidence, you can expect to experience the breakthrough in success you have been hoping for.

Simple Self-Confidence Course

Benefits from Building Self-Confidence

The following is a list of 30 reasons on why you may want to consider building your self-confidence. Ask yourself if you would like to enjoy any one of the following benefits:-

1. Wake up everyday and look forward to the start of a brand new day;
2. Eliminate negative self-talk ;
3. Strike up a conversation with ease with a stranger.
4. Able to make decisions independently, without having to call your friends for their opinions all the time;
5. Ask for a deserving pay raise;
6. Less prone to shyness ;
7. Reduce oversensitivity and less likely to be self-conscious;
8. No more constant apologies for your mistakes, failures and imperfections, which annoys and irritates others;
9. Able to receive praise, gifts and compliments;
10. Attract more successful people who become more willing to support you in your growth;
11. Become the life of a party ;
12. Trust your spouse, partner, family members and everyone around you;
13. Able to be more authentic because you are open to revealing more of who you really are to others;
14. Not afraid of letting others know about your mistakes, failures and imperfections;
15. Be able to laugh at yourself even though you look stupid, have failed or made a mistake that you should not have;
16. Not take excessive offense when others criticize you;
17. Gain respect for your ideas (even if you have little technical or specialized knowledge at first);
18. Increase your ability to pick yourself up after a set-back ;
19. Able to give public presentations;
20. Achieve better performance scores because you are able to tell yourself: “I can do it”;
21. Avoid collapsing easily in situations of stress;
22. Better able to deal with all kinds of fears such as fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of abandonment, and so on;
23. Improve your leadership;
24. Increase your popularity;
25. Have more courage to deal with challenges ;
26. Willingness to take on new adventures;
27. Attract better opportunities due to your positive energy ;
28. Be grounded in your values;
29. Be happy overall;
30. Love your life !

Build Your Self-Confidence

A number of my clients have reported of how low self-confidence has been disruptive to their lives. I understand what they have been going through. It has been the same for me in the early years of my life too. I was miserable mostly. As a parent now, I am also determined to help my children build their self-confidence .

There is a balance that you need to strike, however. Excessive self-confidence can be unhealthy. It happens when your confidence rests on your ego. This, no longer, is confidence and on the extreme, causes you to become narcissistic. In fact, narcissism means that you pretty much operate out of fear.

Just imagine life as a stage and you are an actor/actress on this stage. What role would you like to play? A confident person with loads of charisma, charm and courage or a person who is stuck in negativity and cannot project the self well? Would you like to feel more empowered?

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.” – Marcus Garvey

Well, the good news is that self-confidence can be built. You are not born with low self-confidence. It is not a birth defect or genetic failure that you cannot do anything about. There are steps that you can take to help yourself.

The theme for this month on my site is “Breakthrough” and so I have been looking out for suitable resources to help you with greater success. Well, if you are looking for a breakthrough and would like to get some guided assistance, here is a program created by my friends Erin Falconer and Barrie Davenport that is starting soon….

Simple Self-Confidence Course

Wishing you a life of success, love and happiness,

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Share Your Thoughts on Building Self-Confidence

What experiences do you have and what life lessons have you learned from building self-confidence? Do share.

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