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3 Major Signs For Pursuing Your Passion Full-Time

Posted Jun 15 2012 1:54am

“Nobody can be successful unless he loves his work”. David Sarnoff

pursue your passion

Your passion – if it is found outside of your current job – can just remain as a part-time hobby…..

it can be something that you wish to pursue as a full-time vocation or as a business.

So how do you know when it is time to consider quitting your job and treating your passion more seriously?

Here are 3 major signs to look out for:

1. Deep Job Dissatisfaction

Ask yourself why you are feeling dissatisfied with your current job.

What were the reasons that you undertook the job in the first place?
Are these compelling reasons?
Are the reasons still compelling enough to stay?
Do you love what you are doing?
Do you see yourself being in the same industry 5years from now? If so, how does this future self look like – happy or miserable at work?

Leaving your job does not mean that you need to quit the whole industry altogether. You may find that the problem springs from being in a company that does not take care of your welfare. Hence you can still consider looking for a similar job in the same industry. Understanding the reasons why you are feeling dissatisfied with your current job can shed more light.

2. Pervasive Sense of Boredom

If you are feeling bored, is it because your job no longer offers you challenges? You are aware that you are only staying on because it helps you pay your bills.

Thus, it may not be physical burnt out that you are experiencing but a persistent sense of boredom. It is not a temporary feeling for sure! Here are some specific behavior symptoms to take note of:

- It is Monday 9am and you are already counting down to Friday.
- You are busy thinking and planning your non-work related activities every time you sit in an office meeting.
- You prefer to be on Facebook rather than do your job.
- You are not inspired to give your best at work.
- No matter how hard your boss tries to motivate you, you are still disinterested.
- You have been reading personal development books but you just cannot motivate yourself.

You can also be bored because your job does not offer you the growth prospects you desire. It could be a job that has already reached a dead-end. If it is not a temporary lull but a boredom that persists for a long time, then you will need to start thinking about what makes you come alive.

A sense of boredom is not to be taken as a sign to quit your job on its own. It could also mean that you need to upgrade your skills and qualification in order to be promoted to a position that is challenging and simulating. Maybe a chat with your boss can offer some answers.

3. Pull Factor

You cannot explain it but for some time, you had have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and run your own business. You like the idea of taking charge or living life in your own terms. And you know you have no lack of motivation in your desire to succeed.

It may already have been very obvious that you have got an entrepreneurial streak ever since you were a child. You made a huge profit from selling ice-cream sticks as decorative bookmarks. Given the right opportunity and perfect timing, you are ready to take the leap.

There are a lot of great reasons to pursuing your passion. What helps is that you have finally found your passion – what you would like to do on a full-time basis and which is outside what your current job entails. That you are gradually more inspired by your passion than by your office job offers more and more proof. You are never bored by your passion. You also cannot stop talking about it to anyone you meet.

To Quit Your Job or Not?

Making the big decision to quit your job involves the consideration of factors such as timing, opportunity, market, financials and growth prospects in addition to knowing what your true passion is. You need to weigh the pros and cons.

On a piece of paper, record all your answers to the above questions and find out if there are any compelling reasons to quit your job right this moment. Also, write down all the things that you want in life. Consider if pursuing your passion as a full-time vocation or as a business is part of building an ideal life for yourself.

Nothing happens by chance.

Pursuing your passion involves more than just finding it. If you want to achieve your dream, then you need to start putting some conscious thought into what this is.

Shine from the soul,

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Author. Adventurer. Life Coach. More About Me .

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Are you feeling uninspired by your current employee job?

If you are already running your own business, how did you know that it is time to quit your previous job? What was the crucial factor that caused you to make that leap? Please help those who are having difficulties making a decision on whether to quit or not by sharing your experiences.

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