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10 Reasons Why You Need to Discover Your Passion

Posted Jun 04 2012 4:29am

“Passion propels you to channel the divine power of who you are into life.” – Abundance Tapestry

Do you know what your passion is or what you are passionate about?

If you don’t, I am not surprised.

For a long time, I was in the same shoes.

I have been brought up to believe about following the conventional path of finding a safe job that will earn me a reasonably good income. And so I studied Accountancy and was in the banking and finance field for close to 10 years after graduating from University. I evenktook a post-graduate CFA qualification, thinking that it made good sense to carve out a lucrative career in the financial field.

Admittedly, I was not very passionate in what I was doing. I had a liking for finance but I was not in love with it. I was more interested in activities after work because my income allowed me to lead the lifestyle I wanted. Then again, I went from one interest to another. Not one particular activity quite sustained my interest long enough.

As it turned out, I quit corporate life to become a stay-at-home mum to my two baby girls then. Needless to say, I became rather bored. Eventually when I had the idea about pursuing my passion as work albeit on a part-time basis – and instead of going back to a full-time banking job, I had no idea what to do.

I went on a long search.

And often enough, I went around in circles.

Over the years, I found out 4hat I was far from being alone on having little idea on what my passion is. I would get the same blank stare whenever I ask my friends and clients on what their passion is and what they would like to do.

During my search for answers, I had asked myself the following questions - Is passion overrated?
- Why is it so important?
- What does connecting with passion mean?

Luckily, I now have a clearer idea about what my passion is. It is passion that supports the evolving and multi-faceted nature of the work that I do everyday (and sometimes during weekends or even waking up at 5am to crank up some creative juices ).

And so here are 10 reasons why you need to uncover your passion…

1. Integral to self-discovery and awareness.

Discovering what your passion is means discovering more about yourself. You find out the essence of what keeps you going. In the self-discovery process, you also ask yourself what are the values you are aligned with: freedom, courage , love , responsibility, integrity and so on.

For my husband, it was not about looking good in a fighter plane that appealed to him. He enjoyed the sense of freedom, leadership and the excitement of life while flying. He held on to his dream from the age of three, despite meeting many challenges along the way. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a fighter pilot eventually. (He has since moved on and is now working on a different dream.)

2. Makes you come alive.

Passion is the fire in your belly. It gives you the zest for life. You emit a positive energy when you are connected with your passion.

Your passion becomes synonymous with who you are. It allows you to express your creative energy. You produce your best piece of work when you are passionate. You and your art merge into one.

3. Shifts you out of a negative state.

Being passionate is a high energetic state. Passion has the energetic qualities of love and power. When you are passionate about something, you cannot be in a negative state at the same time. Your negative thoughts and emotions drop right away instantly.

Passion is about your feeling. And so it connects at the level of your heart. Passion comes out strong and intense. Passion also gives you the power to conquer the highest mountain or sail the most perilous seas even when strong winds are against you.

4. Makes you more attractive.

No one likes being near someone who lives a deadened existence. Often, this person shows little interest and has a narrow way of looking at things. He or she is not in touch with the fullness and vitality of life.

When you live life with a passion, it shows naturally. Others are drawn to you because they become infected by your enthusiasm. They may even become envious that you dare to pursue your passion.

5. Activates the Law of Attraction.

When you find something that you are passionate about, you can engage in it the whole day. You do not feel in the least tired. And so, you are able to maintain a high vibrational state of being that leverages on the law of attraction powerfully.

Passion is a strong heart-felt desire. It communicates your focused intent to the universe. It activates a response by the universe through the power of attraction.

6. Fulfills your inner longing.

Many people would let out sighs and express regrets about not able to fulfill their longings. They often give excuses why it is better to settle for something else. They are willing to sacrifice their happiness for a false sense of security.

Maybe it has been the same for you too. However, the longing can translate to the feeling as if there is something “missing” in your life. You experience a gap, a discomfort, a lack. You cannot quite grasp it but there is a subtle awareness that there could be something more in life.

7. Gives you the impetus to improve on yourself.

Passion has a motivational quality. It provides you with the impetus to improve on yourself. You are motivated to acquire more knowledge, insights and awareness in the hope of connecting with your passion at a deeper level. You feel inspired to improve on yourself rather than put up a struggle in the process.

If you are serious about pursuing your passion, it does not mean that you fire your boss today or that you shirk your family responsibilities. Instead, it means finding a way to make things happen. Passion involves courage, tenacity and belief. You move beyond a false sense of security into choosing to live differently.

8. Offers the way to becoming a success.

By being true to your passion, you can have all that it takes to become a success. You are already on a head-start as compared to others with little passion doing what you are doing. You have a distinct advantage.

Your passion fuels you to overcome all obstacles. You become wired for success, when you live and love your passion . When it is true passion, you are less likely to give up.

9. Paves the way to finding purpose.

Passion offers you the way to finding purpose. Purpose creates meaning for you. You begin to understand what your soul has incarnated here to do.

Through passion and purpose, you are able to make a significant difference to the lives of others. You provide a service from who you are, which involves deep self-awareness. You also give unconditionally.

10. Makes you happy.

If anything, passion makes you happy. Many people go around searching for happiness. They won’t be able to find it in material items but they can find it if they just look inside and discover what their passion is.

Sure, money can make you happy but the satisfaction that you derive is not real. It fizzles out pretty quickly. If you want sustainable and long-lasting happiness, you will need to give yourself the opportunity to express who you really are. And you do it best by connecting with your passion.

In a nutshell

Passion is the vortex energy of love. It propels you into a state of empowerment. It helps you to channel the powerful being that you are.

There are enough good reasons for uncovering what your passion is, don’t you think?

Love and Abundance always,
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Author. Adventurer. Life Coach. More About Me .

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