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Sep 19 2009 by pathologystudent
Wow, you are good researchers. Yes, that sounds very appropriate. It's the vagus nerve that you're talking about - and it certainly does supply the stomach. You should send the endocrinologist a bill!
Sep 19 2009 by P S P.
Anyway, thought it might come in handy in case you get the question again from someone else.  Thanks for you help!
Sep 19 2009 by P S P.

Therefore, her temp is way off (freezes all the time) and she experiences a "fullness" feeling even though she can only eat tiny amounts.  This nerve seems to tell the stomach when it is time to process food, start digestion, and so forth.  I believe there is a term though I can't remember it right now....  it is a form of stomach paralysis....



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