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I am from the Republic of Palau in the southwest Pacific, and have... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Barring any medical conditions you may have (I'm assuming you don't since you don't... more
Sep 22 2010 1:48pm
Hi Lulu,   In answer to your question, yes, the oils with Young Living can be... more
May 27 2010 8:47pm
I am a Reiki practitioner and have met several families at a local holistic healing... more
Jan 01 2010 3:06pm
Hi ESHAxo,   Neurofibromatosis is a genetically-inherited disease in which nerve... more
Mar 26 2009 1:08pm
Hi ESHAxo, Several years ago, research teams at the National Institutes of Health... more
Mar 26 2009 12:56pm
Hi skatinggirl369, My first question is whether this happens to you all the time or... more
Feb 25 2009 9:44pm
Hi again....last part of my message was cut's the end part with the site... more
Feb 25 2009 9:26pm
Hi Nirmala N., Personally, my ideal is to have both traits in the same... more
Feb 22 2009 5:02pm
Hi Stephen M., Coming from a Pacific islander perspective, I've grown up with... more
Feb 22 2009 4:19pm
Sep 25 2007 5:58am
Hi Lela,   Growing up in the Pacific islands, acupuncture is a common treatment... more
Feb 15 2009 5:50pm