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Parkinson's Disease Community - Questions & Answers

Last Answer
Sep 05 2011 3:44pm
Apr 06 2011 4:25am
The first symptoms can include (but are not limited to) tremors, loss of balance,... more
Oct 03 2013 8:52pm
I  agree with Bill's answer, but would add that walking is a great help, if she is able... more
Oct 03 2013 9:05pm
I would need to know more about the formula.  Your pharmacist or doctor should know the... more
Jan 19 2011 9:32pm
Each person's symptoms  is different. I agree with Bill S. re:dyskinesia and also that... more
Oct 03 2013 8:56pm
Rena - Advising  an attorney is best. I haven't heard of guardianship die to... more
Oct 03 2013 9:00pm
Hi, I am quietly suffering in Japan the painful muscle tightening which only affects... more
Sep 17 2010 3:53pm
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