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Why Was There a Penguin in Our Motel Room?

Posted Aug 09 2010 4:49am

 Why was there a penguin in our motel room?  Good question.  I’ll get back to it.

Now, I don’t know if this is a result of that newly added 100 each day, making 4 instead of 3 for my daily intake, but last couple nights I’ve found it harder to get to and stay asleep.  And when I AM sleeping, woo-hoo!  The dreams!

This morning I was on a trip with my dead brother Bob and his widow Lori.  We stopped at what seemed to be a motel that caters to business conferences.  At first it looked like Bob and I were going to have to sleep in the same bed, but then it turned out there were enough beds for everyone.  (For some reason, Lori kept popping in and out of this dream.)

Much of this is disjointed and fragmentary, but I recall being down near the lobby with a bunch of business-looking people wandering to and fro and seeing Bob standing there naked.  Lori dragged him back to the room to get come clothes on him.

I went back to the room as well and looked out the window.  There was a little fuzzy penguin walking around the parking lot.  I told Bob and Lori that I remembered this particular penguin from a previous visit to this motel.  I opened the window, and the little penguin came running right up to it and jumped into our room so I could pet it and ruffle up its feathers.

Next I can remember, I’m back in the hallway and Lori wants to show me a new suit coat she got for Bob.  It’s horribly large.  It goes all the way down to his feet.  I said, “It makes you look like you don’t have legs.”

And that’s when I woke up.

I still have some leftover 25/100 from before I switched to the Stalevo.  I think I’ll try taking that tonight instead of the Stalevo and see if it makes any difference.  I started taking the extra Stalevo to deal with the Parkinson’s disease-related night time cramps, and by and large it has… the little ones I get in my neck and back and feet and hands, but I had a WHOPPER of a right calf cramp at around 1 this morning, so I’m not sure what the efficacy is at this point.

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