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Posted Dec 27 2010 3:22pm
Well, I promised ‘em I’d do it, so here it is…

If you’re a Person With Parkinson’s like I am, and you’re considering the purchase of an , they’ve got what really looks like a nice on on the website for EMed Hospital Beds.  I purchased the Golden Technologies Standard Series Adjustable Bed. I got it with the visco foam mattress and side rails.  I paid what I think is a very nice price for it (seen it costing much more on other websites).

When I placed the order on Dec. 20, they had a little icon saying “ placed before 3 pm will be the same day.”  After I placed the order, that icon was gone, replaced by one that said “orders ship in 1 to 2 days” over an icon that said “Free Shipping.

Two days later… two later… on the 22nd, I got an e-mail from EMed telling me they were confirming my order.  “Gosh,” I wondered.  “How in the world can they just now be CONFIRMING my order when I made it two BUSINESS days ago, and they SHIP in 1 to 2 business days?”  So, I wrote to , which at the bottom of their first e-mail promised a personal response from one of their customer service reps “within one business day.”

On the 24th… which was NOT within “one business days” but was, actually, TWO business days, I got an e-mailed response from a young gent who said the order had been shipped to the Golden Technologies warehouse on the 20th, and it was scheduled to be shipped on the 23rd.  He promised to have a tracking number for me by Monday.

Well… here we are at 3 pm Monday.  About 20 minutes ago, I called their customer service number and asked where my bed might be at the current time.  He had no idea.  He said he would pass my question to the “girl who handles Golden Technologies” but she was at lunch, but they should have a tracking number for me within the hour.

Now, I betcha this is a very nice bed.  And it seems to be a very nice price.  A price, by the way, that was withdrawn from my the day I made the order the 20th.

And the website, under where it says “Order Status”, still has my purchase listed as “Awaiting Fulfillment.”

So far, in the pantheon of broken promises from EMed, we have…

1.  Orders made before 3pm shipped same day.  NOT TRUE
2.  Orders shipped in 1 to 2 business days.  Waiting for verification, but apparently NOT TRUE.
3.  We’ll answer your e-mail within one business day.  NOT TRUE.

Now, I’ll wait to see if I have any kind of reply from “the girl who handles Golden Technologies” within the hour.

Place your bets.

I promised in my first e-mail to them that my blog has a small but respectable readership of PWP’s who might want to avail themselves of EMed’s services someday, that I heap praise on my blog for companies that Parkies deal with when they live up to their promises, and I get downright SNARKY with companies that do not.  My next note on this subject will either be very pleasant or not so much.
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