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Where’s the Freakin’ SNOW PLOW???

Posted Feb 08 2010 4:23am

36 hours since the last flake has fallenand here at the Capital Mobile Home Park in ElkridgeMDwe have yet to see a snow plow.  There’s going to be another storm tomorrow afternoon that could dump another 5+ inches on top of the 30 inches we already have.

People in this park cannot get out of their homes to get to work.  If there isGod forbida medical emergency or firehelp would be unable to reach us.

These are not city streets.  The streets in this park are the private property of the park management.  As part of our leasethe park assumes the responsibility for garbage pickuprecyclable removalsewerwaterand SNOW REMOVAL.

I called the park manager TWICE yesterday.  The first time I got an answering machine.  The second timeshe had her young daughter answering the phone.

It could be one of those trailer park rumors running aroundbut “word is” that management has decided NOT to fork over the $3,000 being asked by their plow contractor to clear the streets.

Many of the folks in our neck of the park took matters into their own hands and shoveled out patches of street last night.  These pictures were taken at about 5:30 pm yesterday.  But any attempt to reach the front of the parkand therefore Highway 1will still be unsuccessful because of the 30-inch unplowed areas between here and the front gate.

My stepson will lose a day’s pay because he can’t get to work.  The Federal Government is closed todayand I work at home anywaybut we’re going to need groceries here after today and tomorrow.

This trailer park has done a horrible job in the pastmaintaining pothole ridden streets and in other areas such as trash pickup.  I feel this is gonna be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for a LOT of folks in this park.

Even with neighbors trying on their own to make the street navigabletrucks are still getting stuck.

Even with the neighborhood efforts to clear the streetbig trucks were still getting stuck

One of my neighbors tries to chunk out an area of street in front of his trailer.

Gail looks on as I get a pictoral record of the trailer park management's failure and the spirit of my neighbors as they at least TRY to clear out some of the street.

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