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What a Funny, Funny Joke! (Updated)

Posted Aug 04 2010 6:09am

I likes to start my morning with a funny, funny joke!  And provided one this morning.  In spades!

Back in 2003 when I left Radio, I joined a forum for XM fans.  In fact, that’s the name of the place. and I was certainly a fan, although I didn’t work there anymore.

In 2006, I started getting involved in the “Political Discussions” forum.  And I guess my liberal opinions clearly stated and carefully thought through with logic that was hard to argue against so annoyed some of the conservative folks on that site that they began to actually HATE me.  I don’t mean “internet frenemy” kind of stuff.  I mean actual HATRED!

One of them anonymously called my boss at the time to suggest that I was using government time to participate in the forum.  My boss laughed at him.  When that didn’t work, they began a campaign of name-calling regarding my size (which, as you know, I’m VERY sensitive about) my lack of hair (oooh!  Is there a QUICKER way to make me cry?) and other physical attributes.  To show how low this group is, they began to make fun of my Parkinson’s disease, calling me “twitchy” and holding online polls as to when I would actually die.

Big deal.  You make fun of a person with a disability, that says more about YOU than it does the person you’re mocking.

So, what’s a reasonable site owner to do? wouldn’t want the legal problems that go along with having to go against an organization like the APDA, whose entire existence is founded on helping people, right?  So, did Ryan contact the offending forum member and ask him to remove the avatar.


He banned me.

That a bit more than two years ago.  Of course, as you know, being banned from a forum means nothing.  Anyone who knows how to work the system can get in and out of a forum any time he wants to… and I see that they are STILL having their fun with me.  And that’s fine.  They have empty, meaningless lives and their worst punishment is waking up in the morning and still being… them.  A year or so ago, they ran a hoax on the site with a fake obituary saying that I had died.  Before it was scrubbed from the site, there was much rejoicing from the resident pinheads.  Yesterday, one of the participants posted that he just got proof that I was still alive, and opined, “well, I guess you can’t have everything.”

Then, today, I get a comment posted on my blog… I haven’t approved it, but I will share it with you here.  It was from a character who called himself “Brian202″, formerly one of the most prolific of the XMFAN pinheads and he attempted to post this comment to my post about Brett .

You’re still alive? What the hell, man? Thought your sausage arteries (no, literally, made of sausage) would have gotten you by now.

Now that, my friends, is a deep-seated hatred.

From checking XMFAN this morning (anytime I want to, Ryan!  Anytime I want to!), I see that Brian hasn’t posted anything there since mid June.  (Brian says he has moved on, regrets our disagreements, wishes me well with my PD, and he has given me a strong lead to work with… I’ve notified this person’s ISP, so we’ll see what happens.)

Here’s his other info…

OrgName:    Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
OrgID:      FRTR 
Address:    180 South Clinton AVE
City:       Rochester
StateProv:  NY
PostalCode: 14646
Country:    US

ReferralServer: rwhois://

NetRange: - 
OriginAS:   AS3593,  AS5650,  AS7011,  AS26127
OriginAS:   AS30064
NetHandle:  NET-70-100-0-0-1 
Parent:     NET-70-0-0-0-0 
NetType:    Direct Allocation
Comment:    All abuse complaints for this block will only be
Comment:    answered by the Frontier abuse team and not the ELI abuse team. Use
Comment:    contact info from Handle ABUSE223-ARIN.
RegDate:    2004-09-09
Updated:    2010-05-27

RAbuseHandle: ABUSE223-ARIN 
RAbuseName:   Abuse
RAbusePhone:  +1-866-474-7662

RTechHandle: ZF47-ARIN 
RTechName:   Frontier Communications
RTechPhone:  +1-800-374-9669

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE223-ARIN 
OrgAbuseName:   Abuse
OrgAbusePhone:  +1-866-474-7662

OrgTechHandle: ZF47-ARIN 
OrgTechName:   Frontier Communications
OrgTechPhone:  +1-800-374-9669

IP address:           
Reverse DNS:          
Reverse DNS authenticity:       [Verified]
ASN:                            7011
ASN Name:                       FRONTIER-AND-CITIZENS
IP range connectivity:          9
Registrar (per ASN):            ARIN
Country (per IP registrar):     US [United States]
Country Currency:               USD [United States Dollars]
Country IP Range:      to
Country fraud profile:          Normal
City (per outside source):      Mound, Minnesota
Country (per outside source):   US [United States]
Private (internal) IP?          No
IP address registrar: 
Known Proxy?                    No
Link for WHOIS:        

I have a pretty good idea who it is, and I thank Brian for his help in resolving this.

Now, some questions for Ryan, the owner of the site.  Sir?  Do you have a HAIR of integrity on your sack?  YOU know I never threatened to sue you. If you know a THING about the law, you know I didn’t have the STANDING to sue you.  The APDA?  They could have sued your ass off, since you allowed a defaced version of their logo on your site and took no action when informed of it.

YOU might also want to ask Ryan ( why he thinks so little of people with Parkinson’s disease that he would CHOOSE to allow an avatar to remain on his site that suggests the APDA’s mission is to euthanize folks with PD.

Not that I miss the forum.  I just check in from time to time to see what they’re saying about me lately.  Also, I have friends still on the site who let me know what’s being said by jabrones like the idiot “XMinDallas”… the aptly named “Rude”… the filthy little meaningless security guard “theaprilfool”, the loathsome “TRG” who once said he “used to beat up faggots until he realized he could get AIDS from their blood”.

Now, we see that it wasn’t Brian who posted the comment on my site, but one of Ryan’s l’il pals from the Mound, Minnesota area, who goes by the handle “jtdude0″.  I’ve posted all this info on (because, like I said, I can get on there any time I want to.)  But, naturally, the info has been deleted.  The defamatory stuff about “Twitchy” and the hopes for my death are allowed to stay.  Odd, wouldn’t you say?

But I’m sure it would be no trick at all for a lawyer (and his paralegals) to use certain search words to comb through the site and see how I have been defamed, professionally and personally, while Ryan allowed it all to remain on his site.

Oh well.  Be that as it may… I have my own site now.  I don’t plan to die any time soon.

I’ll be in touch.



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