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Up in the Morning and LOOK! Something ELSE Hurts!!!

Posted Jan 29 2010 10:55am
I must admit that, being new to this later stage of Parkinsonism, almost every day brings a new surprise.  Like waking up in the morning with something hurting and having no idea what you did to hurt it.  Taking your shower and seeing a scratch on your leg and not remembering when or how you got scratched.  Looking in the mirror and seeing a scratch or a bruise on my head, having no idea who’s beating me in my sleep.  Having an ankle that’s so sore it’s hard to walk on it, but you don’t recall having done anything to hurt it.  There was one famous incident last Valentine’s day weekend when we were at a hotel and I left blood on the sheets and in a trail to and from the bathroom because I had somehow cut myself on the back of one of my heels.

This morning, it’s my chest.  Actually my ribs, right below the pectorals.  More on the right than on the left.  I feel like I’ve either been lifting weights or doing pushups in my sleep.  Which, if I had, would be a good thing because medical experts agree that exercise is beneficial for those of us with Parkinson’s disease.  But I would think that if I were engaged in such strenuous exercise during my sleepy-time hours, I would have disturbed my wife and my dogs would have wanted to participate.

So, knowing that I did NOT do pushups or lift weights in my sleep, I’m left to wonder just what the hell I did that made the right side of my chest feel like I had been exercising past the point of all prudence.

Oh.  And my ankle hurts, too, if anyone cares.  :(
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