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Tiger, Tiger… Tsk, Tsk!

Posted Dec 02 2009 12:00am

tiger-woods-family_600x400Oh, Tiger.  How you disappoint!  We all looked up to you, Tiger.  Even those of us who can’t stand golf and think you’re basically an arrogant jerk.  Even those of us who wonder how in the hell someone can make a bazillion bucks for hitting a little white ball into a hole and for having your face on sneaker commercials.

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger…

Why does it always have to come out like this… through some sort of embarrassing accident or being caught by a security guard or having your Facebook account looked at by the authorities, or — in your case — having your ass beaten unconscious by your wife.

The Taiwanese TV clip below shows, through their “special reenaction technology” what might have really happened.

Now, ALL wealthy, famous men will think it’s OK to cheat on their spouses!

Tiger.  I never liked you.  Now I will never like you even less!

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