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The Walkin’ Dude with Flaky Skin

Posted Mar 07 2011 1:06pm

One of the more annoying features of Parkinson’s disease is an exquisite little inconvenience called “seborrheic dermatitis”. I have dry skin .  I have oily skin .  I get flaky skin on the top of my head.  Then it turns oily.

Then it flakes some more.  My ears and eyebrows are either very dry or very oily, and always very flaky.  The top of my head is a veritable wonderland of flakes.  After a shower, it’s dry and flaky.  A couple hours later it’s oily and flaky.  The skin on my forearms and lower legs is always dry and flaky.

And today, my left shin has an itchy rash.  This is one of the so-called “secondary features” of Parkinson’s disease.  Wanna HUG me yet?”

My wife says I forgot to add that I’m just GENERALLY flaky.  Let’s ignore her, shall we?

Now, to the movies.

Yesterday, I demonstrated some of my physical therapy balance exercises.  Today, you will see some of the walking exercises I’m required to do as my “homework.”

Some I do well, others not so well.  You shall see for yourselves.

Will I fall?  Will I crack my skull or hip and be killed?

Watch and learn, young Jedi !

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