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The Recent Doings, Their Affect on My Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Posted Oct 10 2010 6:53am

By Parky Bill at October 10, 2010 | 9:53 am | Print

The Recent Doings, Their Affect on My Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

How have the recent goings-on affected my ‘s disease ?  Well, any kind of stress can exacerbate the symptoms.  And yes, when I was in , I felt slower and less steady than I usually do.

Had what I believe was another “illluuuuuuuusion” yesterday on the way home.  We were on the , out in the middle of nowhere, and I saw a fluffy grey and white cat walking up to the shoulder of the highway.  If you were driving a car, you would have had to have seen it.  As we passed it, I pointed and remarked, “A cat!”  We went a little further, and I said, “You hate to see something like that, someone’s pet cat wandering around near a busy interstate.”

“I didn’t see it,” Gail said.

“But you would have had to!  We were in the left lane, the cat was just about on the pavement.  There’s no way you could not have seen a cat if it were that close to the road.”

“Didn’t see it,” Gail said.

So, fine… I’m hallucinating cats again.

“Just because I didn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there,” she said.

“Gail, where this cat was if you are paying attention to the road and your driving, if you have ANY sort of , you would have SEEN this cat.”

I have a neurologist appointment on Tuesday.  After he gets done yelling at me about being fat, we’ll discuss my recent stress situations and what I perceive as an increase in my downward slide towards PD dementia.

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