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The Future of the Republic Hangs by a Single Silken Thread

Posted Jan 18 2011 11:41am
palin idiots

Sunday night, former Alaska half- took the political gamble of her career.  She appeared on the hostile turf of the Hannity show on and declared, for the world (at least, the world that watches ) to declare…

If she is ever forced to shut her gobbling word hole, then this republic we have loved and defended and maintained and nurtured for nearly 235 years…

Sean Hannity, you can be sure, asked probing questions like, “What makes you so great, Sarah?” and “Why do the idiot liberals hate you, Sarah?”

But Sarah brushed those high and inside fastballs aside with her usual aplomb and skill.  She put it on the line for all of America (especially those who watch the morning news shows where they are showing the clips non-stop).

“Those people” who KNOW the meanings, origin and intent of the words “blood libel” the JEWS – don’t really understand what the phrase means.

Asked to respond to critics who questioned if Palin really knew what she was saying, the former governor responded: “I don’t know how the heck they would or wouldn’t know” if she understood the definition.  “It goes back to the Jewish people being falsely accused,” she said. “A group of people being falsely accused of having blood on their hands.”

That spokesmoron who came out on a talk show and said the symbols were not crosshairs, but were actually surveyor symbols?  That was just a lighthearted moment among staff members (that was repeated by the spokeschimp in a morbidly serious tone on a right wing radio show).  They really WERE crosshairs.  And what of it, ya bunch of sissies?

Palin acknowledged that the map which showed a target on the district district represented by Giffords, who remains hospitalized was taken down following the shooting. She did however defend the use of the crosshairs icons, pointing to other examples from across the political spectrum.  “It’s not an original use of an icon or website,” she said.

Right again! I did a search on the Google thing and found TWO (count ‘em… TWO!) instances of Democrats doing the EXACT SAME THING!

There's this one from the DNC...

This one is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Now the REASONABLE among you will notice that there’s a bit of a difference.  The Democrats use the image of “targets.”  Like you would see in a bar for darts or at a carnival for water balloons.  Sarah used Crosshairs!  There is only one image that comes to mind when using crosshairs to “target” a district.  And that image is spelled “KER-BLAMMO!”

(And there’s no truth to the rumor that corporate America is coming to Caribou Barbie’s aid by changing some of our more beloved corporate symbols and logos to ease the criticism being focused on America’s favorite moose-shootin’ housewife.)

It WOULD be a cool logo, though...

And she didn’t care for the memorial service held in Tucson!  Not one little BIT!

In addition to defending her actions and those of her political committee, Palin also went on offense for part of the interview accusing her liberal critics of trying to silence her, and echoing conservative criticisms that the atmosphere during speech at the University of Arizona last week was too much like a “pep rally.”

Caribou Barbie has never been to a funeral or memorial service in MY family.  When I gave the eulogy at my older brother’s service in early 2008, I asked for and got a huge round of applause in memory of my big brother and the music and joy he brought to the world.

She brought the most dire, most fear-laced warning I’ve heard in all my years.

You see, she won’t shut up.

She can’t shut up!

You can’t MAKE her shut up!

Because if somehow you DO get her and Rush and Beck and Hannity and O’Reilly to cool down their murderous rhetoric…

If you replace images like THIS

With images like THIS

Image from

“They can’t make us sit down and shut up. And if they succeeded in doing that our Republic would be destroyed.”

The future of America (at least of the concept of American Exceptionalism ) is hanging from a very slender thread, my friends!  That thread would be one of Caribou Barbie’s lovely auburn locks!

Is it WORTH having peaceful discussion of important issues if it means THE END OF AMERICA??

Think about it.  At least a little more than Palin and Hannity did.

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