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Parkinson’s Disease is a MONEY MAKER!!!

Posted Feb 26 2010 3:13pm

Here I was feeling low, slow, down and depressed.  Then I read this article , and it cheered me right up!

And who wouldn’t feel good about THAT?

The Parkinson’s disease market is approaching maturity, with the threat of generic incursion evident in each drug class. Although growth will be stifled by generic launches, relatively successful lifecycle management strategies and new product launches see the Parkinson’s disease market grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.6% over the next 10 years.

So invest now in Parkinson’s drugs!  Then keep your fingers crossed that those damn GENERIC drugs don’t cut into your profits by making the disease a little less EXPENSIVE for the people who SUFFER from it.   And just hope that those GENES they’re fiddling around with don’t actually result in a CURE!  That would REALLY hurt your investment!  And you better get in now, because the market is approaching maturity!

Truthfully?  It sickens me just a little bit to know that there are folks out there speculating on how much worse the current Parkinson’s epidemic is going to be.  It rankles me just a tad to know that there are people betting money that MORE people will come down with this damned disease and that the more people who GET Parkinson’s the richer these investors get!

I know that these drugs don’t make themselves.  And I believe in capitalism.  And I believe in the right to invest in a product if you believe its value is going to increase.  But there’s just something kind of shocking to see this disease being discussed in such cold, monetary terms.  It just seems so… mercenary.  Like finding a cure will end up in people losing money or something.

And that would be TERRIBLE!

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