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Ohio Teabaggers Taunt Man with Parkinson’s

Posted Mar 17 2010 11:05am

Not since Rush Limbaugh mocked Michael J. Fox on his radio show have I been so outraged by so-called “conservatives” treatment of a person with Parkinson’s disease.

Protesters on both ends of the health care debate squared off in competing rallies outside the Columbus, Ohio office of district Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH), who says she’s undecided on her vote for the bill.

A wrinkled, kneeling man holding a stick crawled up to a group opposing the effort with a sign saying he’s “got Parkinson’s” and needs help.

“If you’re looking for a handout you’re in the wrong end of town,” one man yelled at him. “Nothing for free over here, you have to work for everything you get.”

Parkinson’s is an incurable and degenerative brain disorder that impairs the victim’s speech, motor skills and various other functions.

Another man walked up him and threw a dollar bill at him and said derisively, “I’ll pay for this guy, start a pot.” Tossing another bill at the sedentary man, he screamed, “No more handouts!”

The sign the man is holding says, “Got Parkinson’s?  I do.  And so could you.  Thanks for helping.  That’s Communist.”

Are conservatives REALLY that heartless?  Or are these folks not REALLY conservatives but just avaricious anuses who “got what THEY got” and everyone else can just fuckin’ FREEZE to death?

Are they SO greedy that they can’t feel any empathy for folks who don’t have it as good as they do?

If this doesn’t make you sit up and take notice about the true nature of these teabagging assholes, then I don’t know what will.

Shame on them.

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