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My mother suffers from constant long term constipation. Is this related in any way to her condition?

Posted by atwitsend

I know and understand that PD is a neurological condition where the body does not received message from the brain properly.  Does this effect the 'message' to perform bowel movements as well?  Does a patient sit on the toilet expecting to have a bowel movement but cannot relay that message to the body?  Help.  What can be done about this.  My mom goes sometimes 10 days without having a BM.  She stubborn about changing her diet.  Old latin people are very difficult to change to a healthy diet.
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have her take 1000 mg of vitamin c 3x a day. I take 13 at each meal
10 days without a BM sounds pretty extreme.  Constipation is a DEFINITE part of the illness for more than one reason.  Peristalsis, the motion of the intestinal tract, can be affected, as can the muscles responsible for relaxing the sphincter.  As in all things medical, consult a physician, and for heaven's sake don't let your mom go 10 days without a "good, healthy."
I  agree with Bill's answer, but would add that walking is a great help, if she is able and can get things moving a little better. Flax seed, a teaspoon, sprinkled in your cereal is also  a good, natural help and so is coconut oil.  10 days could use a doctors attention if it keeps happening.99
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