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Muz Has the Surgery: Becki’s Latest Update — and the Latest on SvenShelly!

Posted Sep 30 2010 2:26pm

"Funny...she never USED to let a man control her..."

Mom had the this morning.  That part of it went well, so we’re told.  I’m a bit worried about her slowness coming out of the recovery room.  But the nurse told Becki that it’s not unusual for someone of Mom’s age.  So, until we hear otherwise, let’s all keep breathing for my Mom.  Here’s Becki’s latest dispatch.  I’ll update when I hear more.

The nurse called me about 9am this morning and said the order had come to bring mom down to surgery.  I got to the hospital a little bit before 10am.  I told the nurse I was there and she said it would be about 5 hours or so.

A little after 1pm, Mom’s room phone rang.  It was the ortho surgeon.  The surgery had gone well, but they had not taken her off the ventilator yet.  He said he would be up to her room shortly to speak with me.

About 1/2 hour later, he came up and we talked.  The surgery that was done was a little more complex that just getting in there to pin the bone together, but there is a much quicker recovery time.  While we were speaking, he called down to post op to find out her condition.  She was off of the ventilator, was breathing on her own, but was still intubated.  Her was at about 87.  I told him that was her usual saturation when she was not on O2.  He would like to get her up and around today and she should be able to bear weight on that leg.  They wanted to keep her in post op until her sats were up a bit.

If her saturation comes up to where it should be, she will be back in her room.  If they have problems getting them back up, they will admit her to .  I left the hospital at about 2pm.  Before I left, I spoke to the nurse.  She said this is a pretty normal situation.  I asked her to call me when they knew where she was going to be… which may take about an hour or two.  I will then run back out there to let her know how much we all love her.

It looks like she will be in the hospital until at least Monday.  Knowing how she was after her , she did not want to talk on the phone.  The said they would like to get her into rehab.  I am sure she will HATE that, but our goal here for her is to just get her to transfer safely independently again.  I don’t think rehab will be as hard on her this time and she will not be there as long.

Anyway, I am at home until the nurses call me.  I love you all very much and thank you all for your good thoughts for Muz (and for me, too).

And I would ask one favor… I doubt this will happen, but if any of you happen to hear from Micki, would you please let me know.  You can give her any information about Mom that you like.  I know Bill has been trying to email updates to her, but she may have blocked his emails.  I would like to be able to tell Muz that Micki knows about how she is doing.  I don’t need to speak to Micki, but it would be nice to know that if she wants, she can contact any one of you to ask about our Mom.  The only reason that I had restricted access to Mom is that the last time Mom was in the hospital (vomiting for 4 days in a row), Micki was in .  She would call Mom a few times a day and if Mom did not answer the phone, she would call the nurses station to ask her to be patched through.  The nurses are just a little busy and do not need to be bothered to give Micki information about Mom multiple times a day when she can get the same information from any of us.  I wish that Micki would get over all of this, but I have no control over that.

I love you all so much.  Thank you all for calling and checking on me as well as mom.  I really could not ask for a better family.

I thought twice about including that part about Micki.  But she and her crazy-ass husband have taken the day to delete their pages, his “Fans of BCR3 Photography” page, his entire BCR3 Photography , their various blogs, etc.  In effect, because they are mad at Becki and me, they are eliminating their presence.  Because any time Becki or I happen to visit a website that they have visited, that’s “stalking.”  So what better way to stop us from “stalking” her than eliminate their web presence.

What we have here, gentle readers, is a woman completely under the control of a Svengali who gives her .  He has convinced her that the whole world is out to get her and only HE can protect her from the “crazy family” that she LOVED being part of for so many years.

As her oldest remaining brother, I still love her.  But as is my way I will mock ANYONE who acts like an idiot.  And she grew up around too many smart people to be acting like such a dumbass.

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