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More About the “Funny Joke.” And My New Best Friend, Jeff!

Posted Aug 04 2010 1:49pm

Ryan Morris, owner of the XMFAN site, sent me an e-mail accusing me of “harassing” him and “abusing his web site”.  I just sent him a note informing him that since being banished from his site in June 2008, I have been the subject of 1,047 humiliating, taunting posts.  (Yes, I counted.) These include speculation as to whether or not it would be a good thing if I had been killed in the DC Metro crash last year (indicating these morons knew where I worked), one post in which someone claimed to have had sex with the corpse of my wife (who, oddly enough, is not dead), and many in which my name is used in a disparaging fashion.  12 of these posts use my actual name.

These do NOT include posts that were removed, including a phony obituary last year saying that I had died.

And just now, I got another “comment” post from the poster known as “jtdude0″.   This time, he had the stones to use his real name instead of hiding behind “Brian202.”  Only now, not only do I have his IP info, I have his e-mail address.

I wonder if St. Cloud State University will approve of “” using their ISP to send out harassing e-mails that have nothing to do with the subject matter being discussed at the blog.

Well, Jeff Wetter?  What will they think of that?  What will they think at Delano United Methodist Church (or was that ANOTHER “Jeff Wetter” they congratulated for graduating)?  What would these good, churchgoing folk think if someone dug through XMFAN and posted in public some of the things you’ve written all these years, including when you were underaged?

That’s you, on the right, correct?  At least, your page says it is.  Wanna be friends?

HEY!  You thought it was HILARIOUS posting MY face all over XMFAN, din’cha?  Good for the goose, and all that?

And here you are, all grown up.  And realizing the consequences of taunting someone older than you, smarter than you, with more resources than you.  And I’m ENTHRALLED by your most recent “Tweet”.

Cute Twitter page there, Jeff… and a nice avatar with a nuclear explosion with the word “C*NT” in it.  How SO very clever!  And such a SPORTS fan!

Big baseball fan like you, and all you could manage was “ student manager “?  STUDENT MANAGER? Isn’t that the guy who hands out the ointments and makes sure the real athletes have ace bandages?

What did you say in your last note to me?

It’s too fun not to poke at you and see what happens, Bill. Great entertainment.

Anyway, see you whenever I decide to do it again!

Take care and good luck.


Come on back any time, Jeff.  Tell all the readers of this website dealing with Parkinson’s disease what, in particular, it is about the disease that you find so funny.  We’re all waiting to LAUGH, Jeff!

Maybe you can discuss how much FUN this was during your nightly chatty chat with Ryan and your other little e-buddies.  And, oh, I do not have an “Android.”  My son does.  I have just a regular iPhone.

Good luck in school, Jeff.  I hope you learn something.  In fact, even though it’s summer, I hope you learned something TODAY!

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