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Keith Olbermann Owes Us an Apology!

Posted Jan 11 2011 9:55am

Please don’t get me wrong. I love Keith Olbermann. I like him best when he’s his usual, bubbly, funny self. I pay attention to his Special Comments when he is moved to point out some important issue that needs our attention. And I was moved on Saturday night when he took the lead in his call for tamping down the by apologizing for things he has said in the past that were inflammatory and reckless.

But then, (Monday), he spoiled all that.

He responded to a nearly incomprehensible tweet from Margie Phelps of the infamous “Church” that gang of toothless inbreds that pickets military funerals, displaying God’s love with their “FAGS BURN IN HELL” signs and such.

Keith, in an intemperate moment, referred to the woman with less than genteel language.

“Oh, are you that asshole who mistakenly believes she and her family are people of God?”

Keith, you’ve crossed the line this time.  On behalf of everywhere, I resent being lumped in with this band of pointy-headed, unwashed hillbillies.

Do you think we assholes are without feelings, Keith?  Do you think we don’t feel PAIN when you recklessly compare us to these troglodytes who plan to picket the funerals of the six murdered people in , claiming that God “sent” the shooter to punish us for our permissive attitudes toward homosexuality?

I mean, Jesus, Keith!  As an asshole who tweets you regularly, an asshole you have a couple times responded to in good humor, I am nearly moved to tears by your reckless disregard for my feelings and the feelings of assholes everywhere.

We may be assholes, Keith.  But we are human beings, which is more than can be said for the rotted-toothed, chromosome-compromised, foul, foetid, feculent filth that emanates from the Westboro Baptist “Church.”

You owe us an apology, Keith.  If not for us, for our children the little assholes who will go to school tomorrow carrying the stain with which you have blighted them.

Words mean something, Keith. They really do!

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