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Posted Nov 23 2010 1:03pm
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Diagnosed with PD in 2000 at age 45. I had deep brain stimulation as part of an experimental clinical trial in 2007. I've written a book about the experience that you can find a link to at the top of the page. All author proceeds go to assist PD research efforts.
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I’m serving notice. It’s time for Parkinson’s disease patients to stop being invisible. It’s time for a nationwide effort to raise awareness about crippling degenerative neurological disorder and the havoc it wreaks on American families approximately 1.5 million people currently have a PD diagnosis with 50-thousand new cases each year. Having had PD myself since 2000 at age 45, I volunteered for experimental brain surgery in 2007. In this book, I spin a humorous, poignant, sometimes angry tale about my life with this incurable progressive neurological condition. I plan to retire soon from Federal service and am planning to use my remaining time, focus and energy to help fund the research that will find the cure.This book should be owned by anyone who has Parkinson’s, anyone who knows someone with PD, or anyone who might GET Parkinson’s someday in other words… YOU!

I will soon retire the other books I’ve written about my PD experience.  If you want the whole story the stuff that’s been written before along with a lot of NEW stuff, you need this book.

I'm a 55-year old government writer-editor, diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2000. I had deep brain stimulation in 2007. I wrote a book about the experience that I offer for sale on the "Books" section at the top of the page. All proceeds will go to PD Research.

I had advance word that this was gonna happen, but I’ve just gotten my consent paperwork to participate in a newly created part of the clinical trial I’ve been involved with since 2007.  They’re doing a long-term follow up on those of us who took part in the trial to test the safety and tolerability [...]

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I’ve had enough.  Enough of the lack of awareness.  Enough of people thinking that Parkinson’s disease is just a natural consequence of getting older.  Enough of the perception that it’s TREMOR that’s the worst part of this debilitating neurological disorder.  Enough of people not caring.  Enough of people not knowing. ENOUGH! I’m serving notice! It’s [...]

But Wait! There's MORE!

Got the information I need from my neurologist to apply for disability retirement.  Let’s see what we can digest from it. Looking first at the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scales he applied over our five visits thus far. UPDRS Section I deals with Mentation, Behavior and Mood.  Best score = 0, Worst Possible = 16 [...]

But Wait! There's MORE!

I availed myself of the very helpful “Ask the Doctor” feature provided by the National Parkinson Foundation.  Noted movement disorder specialist, Dr. Michael Okun, answered the following question: Hi there! First of all, I understand you can’t say anything specific about a patient you haven’t examined. But I received some news the other day that [...]

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Gail and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary today by going out to a nice lunch at the Red Robin nearby.  We’ve never been there.  And what they say about the burgers… is TRUE! The burgerlicious creation you see before me consists of ground cow meat, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, catsup, mayonnaise, and a fried [...]

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