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Ice Cream and Dog Attacks

Posted May 01 2010 1:14pm 2 Comments

I got out of the house today.  We went to the mall, ate Chinese in the Food Court, then hopped over to Coldstone Creamery for some great ice cream.

When we got home, Gail took the doggies out.  A lady who was visiting our next door neighbor crossed through the yard to get back to her place.  That’s when, out of nowhere, my dumbass hillbilly neighbor’s pit bull for the fourth time came charging out of nowhere and attacked Raven.

Gail managed to get them separated with only a bite puncture to Raven’s foot again.

I told the idiot hillbilly the last time this happened that the cops would be involved if it happened again.  So this time, within a half hour, we had a Howard County Sheriff’s Officer in our yard, showed him pictures of Raven’s injury, told them how this was the fourth time this asshole pit bull had attacked our leashed dog, how a dog this asshole previously owned actually killed our 11-year old German shepherd back in 2004.

He said he’d convey the info to his sergeant who would notify animal control who would contact us on Monday and conduct the investigation.

I don’t care who loves that dog.  I don’t care if it’s the sweetest pup in the world.  It has attacked and bitten Raven four times while she was on a leash in her yard.  It dies this time.

Wait and see if it doesn’t.

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Still waiting on a call from Animal Control.  If I don't get a call by noon, then I will call them.  Just wrote a new blog entry on my case against this guy and this particular dog.  Justice will be served.


This is too much for Raven to endure.  Something has to be done about this neighbor and his dog. I am lifting you, Gail and the doggies up to the Lord today - and especially Raven.

It's probably good I don't have a gun and live near you.....these days I am becoming more and more intolerant of folks (and animals) who have no self control.

All my best....and I'm hoping the Sheriff FINALLY does something!

Allie (Bibmomma)

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