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I Suppose it’s Only Fair…

Posted Feb 23 2010 6:33am

We don’t let Shiloh sleep with us at night because she’s such a spaz.  She will do well for the first half hour or so, then she goes from bed to bed, putting her cold nose on whichever body part is exposed, because she’s JUST… SO… BORRRRRRRRRRRRED!!!!!

She’s like a teenager.  She craves constant entertainment.  Where our border collie, Raven, will climb up onto one bed or the other and go to sleep, our silly nearly 4-year old German shepherd just can’t sit still unless she’s actually sleeping, and she can’t POSSIBLY go to sleep when RAVEN is laying where SHE wants to lay, and if Raven moves someplace else, it will UNDOUBTEDLY be someplace that SHILOH wants to lay NEXT and THAT’S NOT FAIR…

So, after many trials and much effort, Shiloh gets to sleep on the couch.

So I guess it’s only fair that during the day, we allow her to lounge in our bedroom.

As you can see in the photo, she is well prepared.

A favorite chew bone, just in case…

Three little dog food kibbles, in case she feels a bit peckish.

If I’m lucky, she will not rearrange my bed to suit her comfort.  She usually does, moving the bedspread and covers so she can crawl underneath.

Dogs.  What are ya gonna do?


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