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Handicap Space Scofflaws Annoy Me!

Posted Feb 12 2011 12:28pm

This used to piss me off even BEFORE I was handicapped — seeing able-bodied people using handicapped parking spaces when they are NOT handicapped and don’t have a placard or sticker or license plate to SAY they are handicapped.

My wife is such a stickler for this, she won’t park in a handicapped space when she’s out shopping unless I’m with her and going in the store.  Otherwise, she parks wherever she can find a space.

Today we went grocery shopping.  There was one handicapped parking space left in the lot, so we grabbed it.  I hung our placard from the rear-view mirror and saw a gray Ford , parked in the CLOSEST handicapped space, with nary a placard, nary a license plate to indicate that this person had the right to park there.

Now, I don’t judge the people I see using handicapped spaces, as long as they have either a placard or a license plate.  They might have a handicap you can’t see, like a heart condition.  As long as you have a handicapped parking placard or license plate, you’re OK with me, no matter if you SKIP into the grocery store.  But when you park there and have nothing to show that you have the right to park there — well, you deserve what you get!

When I finished getting the stuff I needed, I rolled back out to the car to wait for Gail.  I saw the couple come back out to their car.  They were middle-aged and moving more-or-less briskly.  The husband put the groceries in the back seat while the wife got behind the wheel.  He got into the passenger seat and they drove off together.

Now, I am not such an annoying “handicapped space cop” to where I felt like confronting them in person.

But I AM small-minded and peevish enough to put a picture of their car on my blog… after adding a little “something” to it.

Wanna see YOUR car with poop on the hood?  Park in a handicapped spot without a placard or license plate somewhere I can see you.  Heck, it might not even BE photo-shopped poo next time.

I can see this becoming a national “movement” — so to speak.

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